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Patricia Heaton Shares ‘Moving’ Experience at Church in Kenya With World Vision

Photo courtesy of World Vision

Patricia Heaton Shares ‘Moving’ Experience at Church in Kenya With World Vision

By Movieguide® Contributor

Patricia Heaton recently teamed up with WorldVision for a humanitarian trip to provide aid for communities in Kenya. 

The actress took a nine-hour commercial flight, a two-hour flight on a smaller plane, and a three-hour car ride to get to her destination. 

Heaton said she got “quite an exuberant welcome” from the people in the communities of Kalapata and Nakorio. 

“It was sort of unexpected,” she shared. “It was pretty moving. We were pulled into a beautiful church with every pastor from the area where there was dancing, speeches. It was quite an exuberant welcome. We had a great time.”


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Heaton and WorldVision were there to help families impacted by the almost four-year drought the country has been experiencing. The organization provided food supplies and medical aid to members of the community. 

“It’s been very difficult and yet they still had an offering during a church service and people who have very little given the little that they have,” Heaton said. “You know, it’s very humbling, and it’s a real lesson to all of us who have so much.” 

Heaton and WorldVision have been working together for six years now. She traveled to Rwanda in 2019 to help the organization distribute clean water. 

“I think when we’re in the Hollywood community we can get sort of isolated and insulated,” she explained. “And when you fly over this beautiful country its’ dry and it’s very big and it’s hot. It’s not an easy place to support a family, and it’s really a reminder we need to keep reminding ourselves of how much we have and how less fortunate other people are. To be part of the solution and bringing hope to people, there’s nothing more wonderful. And I think that’s what we saw when people were coming and singing and dancing, because, in us, they see hope, and it’s a privilege and an honor to be able to represent that to people.”

Movieguide® previously reported on another one of Heaton’s projects with WorldVision:

Actress Patricia Heaton is celebrating the holiday season by spending time with family and giving back to people in need.

“I think what I love most about Christmas is really family,” she shared. “My four sons are grown and out of the house now, so it’s one of those times when everybody can get together.”

“So much of Christmas can revolve around materialism,” she continued. “And so I think having traveled with World Vision and making friends all over the world, many of whom are in difficult situations, has helped to remind me what the Christmas season is about: that Jesus came for us and especially for the poor. World Vision, and my work with it, has always helped me to be reminded of those people less fortunate.”

Heaton says that the source of her joy can often be found in helping others, like through her partnership with World Vision.

“I’ve chosen to partner with World Vision all these years now, because I have done the research and I know what a trustworthy and effective organization it is,” Heaton said. “So this year in particular, if you want to help people who have really really suffered through the pandemic in a way we can’t even imagine, World Vision is an incredible place to put your money.” 

In her partnership with World Vision, the actress picked out a scarf for the organization to add to their catalogue. 

“I love scarves! I have a ton of scarves, and this one that I picked out is made by these beautiful artisans in Vietnam,” Heaton said about her choice for the organization. “These women have been making silk scarves and other items for many, many years.”

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