How Missy Robertson’s Pure Flix Series Highlights God’s Welcoming Nature

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How Missy Robertson’s Pure Flix Series Highlights God’s Welcoming Nature

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Missy Robertson’s (DUCK DYNASTY) Pure Flix series, RESTORED WITH MISSY ROBERTSON, shows that God welcomes people into His Kingdom with open arms, no matter their brokenness.

RESTORED highlights the stories of women who work for Robertson’s jewelry company, Laminin Designs. Many of the women come from abusive and chaotic backgrounds.

“[These women] understand what restoration means [and] what being restored means because they’ve taken the step through a new work environment through new relationships, and then ultimately, through the understanding that if they come to Jesus and wave the white flag of surrender, that they win,” Robertson shared with Movieguide®

RESTORED WITH MISSY ROBERTSON is streaming on Pure Flix and audiences can watch the five-episode series for free without signing up for a subscription.

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In RESTORED, Roberton’s mother-in-law Miss Kay opens up about hard times with her husband Phil in a raw way.

Robertson said, “She’s so funny and super comfortable. There’s so many times I had to cover my mouth and nose because I was laughing so hard when she was talking about some of our past, and I didn’t want to be hard off to the side.”

Many of the things that Miss Kay shared, Robertson heard for the first time that day.

Robertson said that, “There’s also times where I felt like I just want to cry because they’re so heart wrenching and down to earth and relatable.”

Robertson believes that relationships keep one grounded because that the devil is constantly working to make Christ-followers feel alone and keep their stories to themselves. She hopes that RESTORED will inspire others to know that with God all things are possible.

In this season of life, Robertson and her family look to 1 John which talks about the light of Christ.


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“I love that whole section through chapter two, it talks about if we act like that we’re not flawed,” Robertson said. “If we act like that we don’t have sin in our life. We call Jesus the liar. Because why did he come? If he came for us, then we have to be worthy of that. And the worthiness to come to Jesus means we messed up.”

Welcoming people into her life is something Robertson and her large famous family put into practice daily.

“We’re welcoming kind of family. That’s all I can say,” Missy said, “We have adopted kids, we have adopted grandkids, we have foster kids we have, foreign exchange kids, that’s what [life’s] all about. That’s what [God] does, He welcomes, He doesn’t care about your past or your background. Everyone is welcome.”