3 Things to Know About the New TV Show RESTORED WITH MISSY ROBERTSON

Photo Courtesy of Missy Robertson on Instagram

3 Things to Know About the New TV Show RESTORED WITH MISSY ROBERTSON

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

Though Missy and Jase Robertson are no longer filming A&E’s DUCK DYNASTY, the Christian couple still works to transform lives through media.

Recently, Missy launched RESTORED WITH MISSY ROBERTSON on PureFlix to highlight the amazing ways Christ is still working in and around the couple’s lives.

  1. The series shows the Robertson’s continued commitment to the Lord, even after fame and fortune

Before DUCK DYNASTY, few people outside Louisiana knew the Robertson name or their custom-made duck calls. Though the A&E show ended two years ago, the Robertson family uses their new-found fame to honor the Lord.

In fact, they knew He was responsible for the whole series.

Before DUCK DYNASTY, the Robertson clan committed to doing the show with the Lord in mind. Jase remembered saying, “If this is a success, it’s probably God’s idea.”

Missy added, “Put Jesus first in your life and you’re going to change, things around you are not going to change, but you’re going to change. So, you can have a whole new perspective in how you look at life, and then understand that you have God living inside of you if you put him on as your Lord.”

  1. The series shows how Jesus radically changes lives 

Drugs, abandonment and addiction. These painful topics are a common thread among the women who work with Missy at Laminin Designs.

Missy founded Laminin jewelry to create jobs that inspire and empower women to be image bearers of Christ and provide for their families.

In the series, viewers will see several women share their testimonies in one-on-one interviews with Missy. A woman named Charlie now runs Laminin alongside Missy.

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  1. The series will leave you inspired

The testimonies of the Laminin women are raw and oftentimes hard to digest. However, Missy does a great job of ending her conversations with hope and inspiration for the viewers.

We don’t want to give away too much, be sure to check our RESTORED WITH MISSY ROBERTSON to see for yourself.

Watch the show here: https://app.pureflix.com/videos/299921958879/watch