Production Adjusts to New Normal as Theaters Across the Country Finally Open Their Doors

Image by MichaelGaida from Pixabay

Production Adjusts to New Normal as Theaters Across the Country Finally Open Their Doors

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

As coronavirus pandemic restrictions begin to lift, those working in the entertainment industry adjust to a new normal on set, and theaters across the country hurry to open up before Labor Day Weekend.

Production for movies and television were shut down with a hard pause back in March, as were movie theaters. The shutdown brought up many questions that director and producer Dan Mintz never had to face before.

“The first line of attack that you really see…that you really feel, [is] “I can’t go to the theaters. I can’t watch a movie. How is this movie going to get produced? How is this going to get made? How is it going to be distributed? All of that has changed,” Mintz told Fox News exclusively.

Mintz wasn’t the only person worried about what the future looked like.

Beth Talbert, vice president of studio operations at Eagle Rock Productions in Atlanta, detailed what it was like when her studio shut down six months ago.

She said, “Everything in the building automatically stopped. We had three productions going and they all just completely shut down. They locked up their sets and they walked away.”

Eagle Rock Studio is finally ramping up production again, trying to find their footing and make necessary adjustments to keep everyone healthy.

“There has to be ‘a new normal’ on the way we do production and it means lots of masks, lots of face guards, lots of distance and just figuring out how to shoot scenes that can keep all the actors and employees safe,” Talbert explained.

Just like movie officials trying to get production back on a normal schedule, movie theaters are also trying to open up before the last big weekend of summer in the U.S., Labor Day Weekend.

AMC Theatres opened their doors for the first time two weeks ago and now hopes to have 70 percent of their theaters opened by this weekend, Deadline reports.

Just this week theaters in some California counties and New Jersey were given the green light to re-open, two states that studios rely on heavily for revenue.

Cinemark, the third biggest theater chain, will also open their theaters this weekend in some California counties as well as in Arizona and Oregon.

However, Cinemark won’t open theaters in New Jersey until the following weekend.

The push for theaters to open in states like California, Arizona and New Jersey come partly from Warner Bros. release of TENET this weekend.

With Hollywood studios ready to take a gamble on theaters with their new content, it will be interesting to see if the public will respond and head out to their local cinema.

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