Refugees Who Fled Communism Note Frightening Parallels of Censorship in America

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Refugees Who Fled Communism Note Frightening Parallels of Censorship in America

By Movieguide® Staff

As the political left and democratic party grow more fervent in their efforts to silence conservative voices and “deprogram” supporters of former President Donald Trump, refugees who have fled communist governments say the similarities are frightening.

Project Veritas recently caught an employee of PBS insisting that the government should take Trump supporters’ children away from their parents and put them in re-education camps.

Although PBS fired the employee, it revealed what many in the media and the political left believe; every Trump supporter is “mentally ill” and should be deprogrammed.

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson said on MSNBC: “There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.”

Journalist Katie Couric asked Bill Maher: “How are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?”

CBN News interviewed several refugees who have seen first-hand the results of a socialist government and said that Americans need to take a stand for freedom before the minor parallels become a communist reality.

One guest, Chinese Pastor Bob Fu of China Aid, was a student leader during the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 and also attended the protests at Capitol Hill on Jan. 6. Fu noted that language such as “re-education” and “deprogramming” is exactly what he witnessed while living under the Chinese Communist Party.

“These kinds of tactics, they all require forced conformity and if you don’t comply, then you will be punished. They want to make every American conform [to] one way of ideology and a one way of thinking,” Fu told CBN News.

Fu added: “All this de-platforming, stopping you from even having a platform to speak up, this kind of thing is exactly happening in China. They’re using similar tactics with the same playbook.”

CBN News also interviewed Elizabeth Rogliani. Rogliani recalled how her family fled Venezuela after Hugo Chavez became president. Rogliani pointed out the similarities between Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots in America and what happened in Venezuela.

“I have already lived through this thing when I was living in Venezuela,” Rogliani said on Instagram. “This calling out the opposition or Republicans as terrorist or fascist, that is the kind of language I saw a lot. The late president Hugo Chavez used to call us fascist and terrorist as well.”

According to Rogliani, one of the most apparent similarities is the conservative movement’s jump away from big tech toward more secure messaging platforms like Telegram. Rogliani said that its rapid shift is an ominous parallel.

“We jumped into Telegram really early on,” Rogliani said, “So I find that very interesting how it’s happening so fast here.”

Jason Poblete told the story of how his grandfather fled Cuba and Fidel Castro. Poblete, an attorney who has worked in Congress and now heads the Global Liberty Alliance, said it is hard to watch as America heads down a similar path.

“It’s painful to watch,” Poblete told CBN. “It’s not something that I ever thought I would see in the United States. In Cuba, the communists and the socialist facilitators had been laying the groundwork. And by the time Fidel Castro rolled in, they had already laid that framework in place to take the government over.”

Poblete reflected on what his grandfather’s love for America would look like today.

“And then he would tell me, ‘Hey, Jason, what are you doing about it, because you can’t go anywhere. I mean, this is it. There’s nowhere for us to go,'” Poblete said.

German Evangelist Heidi Mund, author of “The Brave German Woman,” grew up in former communist East Germany. Mund explained how the government had called itself the German Democratic Republic and called out American Democrats.

“Your Democrats remind me of the German Democratic Republic,” Mund said. “They also called themselves ‘democrats,’ but they were socialists and communists.”

When Mund spoke up, the “Democratic” party silenced her.

“My career stopped. They broke my career, so I could not find a job anymore,” Mund said.

Mund continued: “They really took away children. They put them in orphanages and the parents did not get them back.”

Foreign leaders have also disagreed with the ban and censorship of former President Donald Trump.

According to CBN, Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki compared the silencing of Trump to communist Poland.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was sentenced last week to two years in Penal Colony by the Russian government, said Donald Trump’s Twitter ban was “an unacceptable act of censorship.”

Americans must critically process what is happening in our culture from media consumption to social media censorship.

Understanding the historical context of the socialist movements will allow us to discern the media’s messages around our government.

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