Reality Star Tamra Judge ‘Praying’ After Hospitalized for Intestinal Problems

Reality Star Tamra Judge ‘Praying’ After Hospitalized for Intestinal Problems

By Movieguide® Contributor

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY star Tamra Judge was recently hospitalized for stomach pain and was diagnosed with an intestinal blockage.

Judge updated followers through a selfie with a tube up her nose posted to her Instagram story. In the post, she wrote, “intestinal obstruction, praying I won’t need surgery.” 

The reality star has experienced intestinal issues in the past. In 2012, she underwent a life-saving emergency operation for a hernia that was strangling a portion of her intestines. The operation left her with a damaged, off-center belly button, which haters have criticized for years.

The criticism was so intense that Judge underwent a corrective abdominoplasty operation last December to resolve the superficial damage. The recovery from this surgery left Judge in intense pain.

“God knows I’ve gone under the knife before, but recovering from this has been worse than anything I’ve ever done,” she told PEOPLE in February. “I mean, I’ve given birth to four children and even that was easier.”

She found herself under fire again during this most recent hospitalization, as one commenter suggested it was “Ozempic, right?”

Along with a screenshot of this comment, Judge responded, “These comments are disgusting! I’ve suffered from intestinal problems for years. I’ve had multiple surgeries in the past 12 years. Remember when you all made fun of me for not having a belly button? That was due to emergency life-saving surgery. Part of my intestines were being strangled,” adding, “my grandmother died of intestinal problems.”

Thankfully, Judge has not had to face her medical condition—or these comments—alone. Her husband, Eddie Judge, supported her in the hospital. She also received many well wishes on social media from her friends.

“Sending love, thoughts and prayers to my beautiful friend @tamrajudge 💋🙏 ,” wrote REAL HOUSEWIVES co-star Taylor Armstrong.

Movieguide® previously reported about the REAL HOUSEWIVES:

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McLaughlin explained “Paul wrote, ‘I have learned to be content.’ Joy is something that we can learn to do even if it’s not something that comes natural to us.”

She spoke further about her new book on Instagram, writing, “Gods Word has changed my life. I believe in the power of the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and prayer…I would love you to invest in your faith. Step into the freedom God offers you, not just for eternal life, but your life, today.”


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