Rose McGowan Backs Matthew McConaughey’s Comments About Hypocritical Hollywood

Photo from Rose McGowan’s Instagram

Rose McGowan Backs Matthew McConaughey’s Comments About Hypocritical Hollywood

By Movieguide® Staff

Actress and activist Rose McGowan backed Matthew McConaughey after fans blasted the fellow actor for his expressed disagreement with the “illiberal left” and left-leaning stars’ hypocrisy toward Trump supporters.

McConaughey called out the left and Hollywood for their “condescending and patronizing” attitudes towards the working class and conservatives on Russell Brand’s podcast, UNDER THE SKIN.

McGowan took to Twitter to support McConaughey.

“Matthew McConaughey is right. Hollywood has been condescending, northern elite media liberals, too & it trickles down. Far before Trump presidency illiberal condescension & patronization has formed how too many think. Break the class structure,” McGowan wrote on Twitter.

Over the past few months, McConaughey continued to vocalize his position on politics. Although some speculated the actor would enter politics, the father of three said that he wanted to learn before jumping into the game.

“I think a lot of people are going, ‘It’s a time to redefine, to redeclare what politics is. What is the purpose of politics?’ That’s a real question that I think politicians and politics needs to answer,” McConaughey said. “What is its purpose? I want to know that answer and understand that answer first before I would really sort of be interested in hopping in politics.”

McConaughey also advocates for mutual respect and not delegitimizing people solely based on their political opinion.

“Right now we are invalidating people, illegitimizing people…because of an affiliation they may have or a picture that they may have of them shaking a dog on a hand with somebody we don’t agree with politically or denominationally,” McConaughey said, adding, “a lot of that is going too far.”