Should You “Accept” Bruce Jenner?

By David Outten, with Dr. Ted Baehr

Bruce Jenner was interviewed on ABC by Diane Sawyer April 24. The interview was as friendly and as tolerant as you can get — which is the problem.

Bruce Jenner comes across as a nice, sincere person, who would be heartless not to accept. He explained that his desire for a sex change operation stemmed from his feelings going all the way back to when he was a child. He felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

Are you heartless if you oppose sex change operations?

Are you being judgmental to think Bruce Jenner is wrong?

Does love require you to be accepting?

Look at your own childhood. Children are very different. Some are boys; some girls. Some are tall; some short. Some will grow up able to dunk a basketball jumping from the foul line; most will not.

Could Bruce Jenner have been born with the desires to be a girl? Perhaps, although the overwhelming research says that his condition is nurture not nature.

Are most boys born with genetically influenced desires that explode into lust at puberty? Absolutely. Are boys and girls born selfish? Who does not know it. Are children born with the desire to hit each other? Do you have children?

What you’re born with is not necessarily good. In fact, human beings are born with what the Bible refers to as “a sinful nature.” We spend years teaching children to be kind, honest and respectful. Those who fail to adopt these unnatural character traits can be very unpleasant adults.

Sexuality is part of human nature. Not everyone experiences sexuality the same, but there are standards of right and wrong sexual behavior, just as there are standards of right and wrong property acquisition. It’s wrong to steal something, and it’s wrong to have sex outside of marriage. You can see what a problem it would be if children were taught there’s nothing wrong with stealing.

Teaching children there’s nothing wrong with sex outside of marriage is just as destructive. Biology, sociology and economics all expose the detrimental impact of sex outside of marriage.

You can completely ignore religion, and science reveals the benefit of reserving sex for faithful male/female marriage. Our national debt is soaring because of the breakdown of the traditional family.

Now, look at the Bible. God’s loving desire for mankind is that individuals avoid destructive behavior. God encourages sound marriages, healthy families and prosperity. He calls on mankind to be kind to one another, to be honest, humble, forgiving, polite, and generous.

No one is born perfectly honest, humble, forgiving, polite, and generous.

God’s instructions regarding sexuality are just as unnatural. The child permitted to grow up without sexual restraint could “naturally” become a rapist or pedophile. Boys find it “natural” to enjoy pornography. Science shows that pornography damages the brain and destroys families. “Natural” “survival of the fittest” sexuality is brutish. The biggest thug gets the females he desires.

Bruce Jenner’s argument in favor of sex change operations is not based on what’s right. It’s based on his concept of what’s “natural,” given his desires, inclinations and susceptibilities. The pitch is that you have the right — if not the responsibility — to be “natural.”

“Natural” is simply not best.

Jesus taught his followers to pray, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Heaven on earth would be very unnatural, but absolutely wonderful with people desiring and exhibiting: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control.

God loves Bruce Jenner. He gave his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, so that Bruce Jenner — and all the rest of us — could be set free from the “natural” of earth and live the unnatural life of a child of God.

Because of television more and more Americans think they should be tolerant of what anyone claims the were “born to be.” It’s socially unacceptable to be seen as “intolerant.”

Even so, every loving parent says things like, “Don’t bite Johnny. It’s wrong to bite people,” or “You can’t have that unless we pay for it.” Such comments are loving and “intolerant.” It’s “intolerant”, and loving, for a parent to tell a child “We will not have drunken orgies in this house.”

The worst family you can live in is one “tolerant” of all manner of bad behavior. It is hellish to live in a family that tolerates vulgarity, drugs, illicit sex, dishonesty, and laziness. When a family tolerates weed-filled yards, filth and clothes strewn about the house, you don’t want them as neighbors.

It’s wonderful to live in a family that will not tolerate bad behavior. Such a family expects its members to be clean, orderly, industrious, kind, and considerate. Because they love one another, they will not tolerate “unacceptable” behavior — including unacceptable sexual behavior.

Standing for what’s right is truly an act of love, not hate.

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