Skillet’s John Cooper Warns ‘Young People’ of ‘False Religion’ in Viral TikTok

Photo from John Cooper’s Instagram

Skillet’s John Cooper Warns ‘Young People’ of ‘False Religion’ in Viral TikTok

By Movieguide® Contributor

Skillet’s lead singer John Cooper recently spoke out against the rise of the “deconstruction Christian movement.”

“It is time that we declare war against this deconstruction Christian movement,” Cooper said at a recent concert. “I don’t even like calling deconstruction ‘Christian.’ There is nothing Christian about it. It is a false religion.”

In a video, which a fan shared via the video-sharing platform TikTok, Cooper called people to live their “authentic” lives when worldwide, anxiety and depression have risen.


John Cooper from Skillet said it perfectly! Don’t fall in to the ways of the world! #winterjam #christian #preach #jesus

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“I want to know why these celebrities’ lives are so absolutely screwed up if they really believe they are so happy,” Cooper added. “And then they brag about their debased lives in front of our young people. And they check into rehab over and over and over again, and they keep leading all of our young people astray.

“I’m here to tell you — especially you young people who have been ripped off — we’re here to tell you this tonight: The world will tell you that you need to separate yourself from Christianity in order to find happiness.”

Cooper took the opportunity to share the Gospel message and encourage the concertgoers to trust in God.

“We are here…to tell you tonight there is no such thing as freedom outside of Jesus Christ,” Cooper said. “And for all of these formerly Christian people who have tried to tell all these young folks that they think they found a third way, their third way is this: It’s OK if you’re into Jesus, just don’t be into the Bible. I’m here to tell you, young folks, there is no such thing as loving Jesus but not loving His Word.”

Cooper is vocal about his views on the ever-changing world. Movieguide® previously reported:

Cooper further discussed his views on Christianity with Faithwire, along with his thoughts on current topics like cancel culture and intolerance.

“We are right in the middle of this shift and what is happening is that the core values of America that we used to believe in are shifting to an incredible degree,” he said. “And now there are people who come out saying, ‘Hey, you people that have those old values that we would call Christian values…those values are no longer acceptable.’

“Christians, make no mistake: they want us gone,” he continued. “They want us to shut up. They do not want your views to be heard. So, what it means for us Christians is that we…need to be vocal about what we believe so that they understand they might think they are living in freedom but they are actually living in slavery…but Jesus can set them free.”

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