Study: Majority of Consumers Want to Watch New Movies at Home

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Study: Majority of Consumers Want to Watch New Movies at Home

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

A study by the PERFORMANCE RESEARCH & FULL CIRCLE RESEARCH CO. found that the majority of consumers want to watch new movies at home.

“A whopping 70% say they are more likely to watch from their couch, while just 13% say they are more likely to watch at a local cinema (with 17% not sure),” Variety reported.

With scads of theaters closed across the country, is this really a surprise?

“Just as the country begins to open up there has been a swing toward increasing caution, with a majority of Americans clearly saying ‘not yet’ when it comes to attending large public events,” said president of Performance Research, Jed Pearsall.

People did say they were more likely to go to a theater depending on the genre. A strong 43% said they’d see a comedy in theaters, while only 15% said they’d see a documentary.

Some theater chains are concerned about the success of video-on-demand releases, though.

Movies like SCOOB! and TROLLS: WORLD TOUR which were originally scheduled to release theatrically could be a reason for the increased appeal to screen new titles at home.

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This creates a conundrum for movie theaters, which were previously entitled to longer theatrical windows and kept titles for weeks before movies released to home platforms.

To entice people to return to cinemas, movie theaters have plans to keep consumers safe as states continue to open.

“We’ve put together a task force of our members, as well as experts on health and safety and supply chains. We’ve sent guidance to theater owners. Different states will have different things in terms of what is mandated, but we are trying to think comprehensively,” John Fithian, CEO of the National Association of Theatre Owners told Variety.

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