Tech Platform Wants To ‘Release The Collective Might Of The Church’ with AI

Photo by Gertruda Valaseviciute via Unsplash

Tech Platform Wants To ‘Release The Collective Might Of The Church’ with AI

By Movieguide® Contributor

Technology platform Gloo just announced a new event, “AI & the Church Hackathon,” where technologists will explore the benefits of AI technology. 

“Gloo is asking the question: what if a technology of the magnitude of AI was pointed at a major problem in the world today: human flourishing?” said Nick Skytland of Quite Uncommon, an organization that runs hackathons. “There are talented technologists around the world who long to use their skills and talents for higher purposes, such as helping people grow and reach their greatest potential.”

Gloo, the leading platform dedicated to connecting faith with technology, hopes to find ways for AI to be used for good. 

According to their website, Gloo is looking for an AI solution that “solves a real need, serves a church leader” and “helps the big ‘c’ Church drive the responsible use of AI.” 

The event will take place in October in Colorado, and winning creators will get to see their ideas brought to life with business development contracts and funding. 

Gloo also launched the “AI & the Church Initiative,” which is intended to help the Church navigate and engage with the latest AI technology. 

In addition to the Hackathon, this initiative includes other events and resources intended to help church leaders and technologists find responsible uses for AI. 

“Our ultimate goal is to connect and release the collective might of the Church. The AI & the Church Initiative is all about helping leaders do that,” said Steele Billings, Head of Gloo Exchange and AI Initiatives at Gloo. “We know leaders are asking how or if AI can benefit them in their ministry and in serving their communities. And most importantly, how can it help people have deeper relationships with God and one another? Whether it’s collaborative funding, new technologies, gatherings, or equipping resources, Gloo is committed to empowering church leaders to responsibly leverage AI to help fulfill their missions.”

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