Trevor Donovan Ready to ‘Double Down’ on Christmas Movies

Photo by Chris Schmitt for Movieguide®

Trevor Donovan Ready to ‘Double Down’ on Christmas Movies

By Movieguide® Contributor

Great American Family actor Trevor Donovan recently answered some fan questions in a video posted to the GAF website.

The first question addressed how Donovan was not in a Christmas movie last year and asked if he would make up for his absence by being in more this coming holiday season. “Would you considering being in two Christmas movies this year to make up for it for us?” a fan asked.

Donovan responded: “Yes, I would…I would love to do two Christmas movies this year. Like you said, I didn’t do any last year so I’m ready to double down this year.”

The next question addressed the death of Donovan’s dog Tito.

“It’s been more than a year since Tito passed. I miss seeing him on social media and I’m also part of the club of people who’ve lost their pets, and sometimes things remind me of my pet, and I start crying. Does this ever happen to you?” another fan asked.

“Yes, it does,” Donovan said. “I’ve actually got a couple bulldogs in my neighborhood that I get to pet every day, so it’s a nice little [thing].”

The final question asked the actor if there is a reason why he doesn’t really post pictures of himself on social media.

“Yeah, you guys know what I look like,” he joked. “I don’t need to post pictures of myself all the time. I’d rather make it interesting…informed and funny without having to put my face up there.”

Donovan hosted this year’s Movieguide® Awards alongside fellow GAF actress Danica McKellar.

“Danica and Trevor bring tremendous talent and joy to every role, and we know they will bring the same caliber of excellence to hosting the MovieGuide® Awards,” said Robby Baehr, Movieguide® CEO. “Talent and a passion for creating values-oriented content makes Danica and Trevor the perfect fit to host our annual awards show.”

“I love being able to make these movies that are morally uplifting and inspiring,” Donovan told Movieguide® at the gala. “It just sets a good example for people watching, and it’s cool to see my little niece watching along with my parents and grandparents. So yeah, couldn’t be happier.”

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