Viewing Numbers Of THE CROWN Have Skyrocketed Since The Death Of The Queen

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Viewing Numbers Of THE CROWN Have Skyrocketed Since The Death Of The Queen

By Movieguide® Contributor

Viewership of Netflix’s THE CROWN has gone through the roof since the death of Queen Elizabeth earlier this month. 

The day of her death, September 8, the first season of THE CROWN was viewed so many times that it cracked Netflix’s Top 10 and held the No. 7 spot. 

The week of September 12-18, which was also the UK’s official week of mourning, Netflix reported that Season 1 of THE CROWN rose to the No. 3 spot. Season 2 also gained popularity, holding the No. 7 spot with 16.7 million viewing hours. 

Early episodes of THE CROWN have received favorable reviews from Movieguide®. A review of Season 2 episode “Vergangenheit” reads:

In Season 2 of the TV series THE CROWN, the episode titled “Vergangenheit” is about Queen Elizabeth the Second discovering that her exiled Uncle Edward, Duke of Windsor, had a relationship with Nazi High Command in Germany before World War II and sympathized with aspects of Hitler’s regime. In the episode, which takes place in 1958, Christian evangelist Billy Graham is holding crusades in Great Britain. Elizabeth is fascinated by Graham. She invites him to Buckingham Palace to preach and have tea. The Queen struggles with the knowledge of how her uncle betrayed the country and the importance of forgiveness in the Christian faith. She asks Billy Graham about the nature of forgiveness and seeks guidance in the Bible.

Even though the actor portraying Billy Graham does a mediocre job, this is a very compelling, moving episode. It shows the Queen’s personal Christian faith, including her long-lasting friendship with Billy Graham. There is some drinking and implied objectionable content that require caution. Otherwise, however, Episode 6 of THE CROWN in Season 2 is one of the most Christian TV episodes of 2017.

Movieguide® previously reported on Queen Elizabeth’s strong faith:

Queen Elizabeth II commended the team behind BBC’s classic TV series, SONGS OF PRAISE, which recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.

“For 60 years, SONGS OF PRAISE has drawn together congregations and BBC viewers throughout the United Kingdom in collective worship,” the Queen, 95, said in a pre-recorded message played on the series latest episode. “During that time, the program has shown Christianity as a living faith not only through hymns and worship songs but also by featuring the many people who have put their faith at the center of their lives.

“I congratulate SONGS OF PRAISE and all those involved in the program on its 60th anniversary,” the monarch said.

According to Fox News, with almost 3,000 total episodes, SONGS OF PRAISE continues to reach a million viewers per week.

The show, created by Donald Baverstock, debuted in 1961 and has become a Sunday morning staple for millions of people over the years.

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