What Al Gore’s AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL Isn’t Telling You

What Al Gore’s AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL Isn’t Telling You

By Tom Snyder

Climate change skeptics dispute alleged scientific claims in Vice President Al Gore’s new documentary, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” journalists at Movieguide®, a “family guide” to movies and entertainment, have found.

Research by Movieguide® has also discovered some evidence to question Gore’s claims in the movie that climate change is the main cause of periodic flooding in some streets in Miami Beach, Fla.

“‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ isn’t boring,” Movieguide® Editor Tom Snyder, a professional journalist with nearly 30 years’ experience, said. “That’s a big achievement for any documentary that doesn’t rely on cute little animals or big scary predators roaming the wilderness. In fact, amidst all the outrage and alarm that Al Gore projects in his movie regarding what he calls the climate change ‘crisis,’ he sometimes injects a little humor into his passion.

“However, Movieguide® found that many of Mr. Gore’s primary claims about climate change and global warming in his new movie have been refuted or disputed by many climate change skeptics of varying opinions,” Snyder reports.

Among the claims in dispute are:

  1. Although evidence shows that there has been a rise in sea levels in the last few decades, scientists disagree about how much. In fact, the alleged rise was even adjusted downward just this past summer, according to a paper published April 22, 2017 in the journal “Geophysical Research Letters.” Also, at the low end, some scientists project the sea level will rise another eight inches by 2100, but that is just a prediction that may not really happen. Of course, Al Gore teaches that the sea level will rise by several feet, not just eight inches, a prediction that’s on the higher end of the scale of “scientific” projections regarding sea level.
  2. Like his previous movie, Al Gore claims that global temperatures are rising too quickly, causing not only catastrophic flooding, droughts and wildfires, but also bigger storms. These last two claims have been disputed by other scientists. First, skeptics say there is no evidence that increases in global temperatures have caused an increase in catastrophic floods, droughts, wildfires, or bigger storms. Second, global temperatures are not really rising as much as Gore says in his movie. In fact, a scientific study in the journal “Nature Climate Change” found that, of 117 predictions regarding global temperature made in the 1990s, only three were accurate. Also, global temperatures have actually stabilized or decreased in the last 10 to 15 years.
  3. In his movie, Gore connects the pollution caused by using “dirty coal” to the alleged increase in CO2 or carbon dioxide emissions. He travels to Beijing, China to show the toxic levels of pollution caused by dirty coal. However, the pollution caused by “dirty coal” is called particulate pollution and includes pollution caused by sulfur dioxide), which is completely separate from the increase in CO2 emissions that allegedly lead to what’s called the global warming “crisis.” Of course, carbon dioxide is essential to plant life, so an increase in CO2 emissions may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to the agricultural production needed to feed the increasing number of people living on Planet Earth.
  4. Although Gore visits melting glaciers in Greenland in his movie, he doesn’t tell viewers that in the last couple years, glacier ice reportedly has actually been increasing in Greenland.

Snyder said Movieguide® itself found reasons to doubt Gore’s linkage of climate change and rising sea levels to recent flooding has occurred in some streets of Miami Beach, Fla. and its surrounding areas.

“What Gore doesn’t tell viewers,” Snyder said, “is that this area of Florida has ALWAYS been known for its flooding during high tides and especially during hurricanes and other serious storms. In fact, parts of Miami, including the area known as Miami Beach, are built on porous limestone near the ocean and parts of it (on the bay side particularly) are built on swampland. Moreover, the modern city’s construction of sewers has served as an actual conduit for seawater during high tides and during rainstorms!!! This suggests that ANY rise in sea level, no matter how small, is a disaster for the citizens of Miami Beach, who are victims of very poor city planning, NOT ‘global warming.’”

Snyder added, “Reportedly, Al Gore refuses to publicly debate any skeptical scientists regarding his claims about a climate change ‘crisis.’

“Also, Gore’s original mentor at Harvard regarding global warming, the late Roger Revelle, recanted his theories about a global warming “crisis” regarding CO2 emissions (see this 1984 interview with him at https://www.heartland.org/news-opinion/news/gores-global-warming-mentor-in-his-own-words?source=policybot), but Gore reportedly said the man had become ‘senile.’

“Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Gore was projecting his own state of mind, not Mr. Revelle’s,” Snyder concluded.

Editor’s Note:  Author of the book “Myth Conceptions:  Joseph Campbell and the New Age” and numerous news stories, Snyder has been an editor at Movieguide® since November 1997. Before that, he spent about 10 years working as a reporter or editor for three newspapers, including a daily newspaper in Dayton, Ohio and one in Anaheim, Calif.