What Christian Celebrities Are Praying For in 2020

Photo courtesy of Ashley Bratcher via Instagram

What Christian Celebrities Are Praying For in 2020

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

As the end of the decade draws near, Moviguide® reached out to a few celebrities to hear their prayers for the upcoming new year. Please join us in praying that the Lord would move mightily in their lives.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Lee Anderson on Instagram

  1. Humility and Family

Joseph Lee Anderson- Actor (HARRIET)

“I’ll be praying for humility,” said Anderson.  “[I’ll also be] asking God to put me in a position to provide for my mother and family.”

Anderson’s latest Hollywood movie HARRIET came to theaters in the fall. Anderson spoke to Movieguide® at the premiere in Los Angeles. Watch the video below:


Photo Courtesy of Jet Jergensmeyer on Instagram (with edits)

  1. American Patriotism And Unity

Jet Jurgensmeyer- Actor (LAST MAN STANDING, TOTS), Singer

“I’m praying for our country to come together and for the fighting to stop,” said the tween actor. Despite his young age, Jurgensmeyer seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He continued, “We are so privileged to be in this country… we are Americans and have the opportunity to be an example for good to the rest of the world. We shouldn’t waste it,” he concluded.

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  1. Family-Friendly Content

Ashley Bratcher (pictured above) – Actress (UNPLANNED)

“I’m praying for faith and family-friendly content to continue to gain momentum,” Bratcher told Movieguide®.

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The faith-filled actress has enjoyed a whirlwind 2019, with the release of her latest faith-based flick and continues to work on projects with themes that uphold biblical values. Bratcher continued, “Entertainment is incredibly influential on culture and as storytellers, we have the ability to write the narrative. To give people that hope. I want to be a part of that.”


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Photo courtesy of Cameron Arnett

  1. Using film as a tool to bring God glory

Cameron Arnett- Actor (OVERCOMER)

“When I pray for the industry, [the] one thing that God has given me [is] to teach and to train people not to duplicate Hollywood,” said actor Cameron Arnett. “My prayer is that the young filmmakers, the Christian filmmakers, those like the Kendricks and the Erwins, and those that have gone before us, that are making film, will see themselves as His storytellers and not just filmmakers.”

Arnett explained the gravity behind his prayer, “We [as an industry] can begin to fall into the way of success as opposed to declaring Him and becoming more like Him, speaking the word and raising up people who are in love with God within the industry. Arnett hopes that filmmakers keep faith their foundation.

Amen and amen!