When Will WHEN CALLS THE HEART Season 12 Drop?

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When Will WHEN CALLS THE HEART Season 12 Drop?

By Movieguide® Contributor

Hallmark’s WHEN CALLS THE HEART will be back for a twelfth season, and it looks like everyone’s favorite historical drama won’t disappoint.

“I am overjoyed that WHEN CALLS THE HEART is coming back for a 12th season!” Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, said in a statement. “Our fantastic writers, cast, and crew couldn’t be more excited to begin filming this next season! We are proud to tell stories that warm hearts in homes around the world and so grateful to Hallmark for being such champions of that positivity.”

“Having the Hearties’ support over the past decade has been a true testament to what this show is all about: community and love,” she continued. “We cannot wait for our fans to see what Hope Valley has in store!”

A premier date hasn’t been announced yet, but TV Insider estimates a release next year. The Direct added it will likely be in spring or early summer 2025.

All the season’s regulars are expected to make a return, while no new characters have been announced yet.

“This includes Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton, Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant, Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard, Jack Wagner as Bill Avery, Kavan Smith as Leland Coulter, Pascale Hutton as Rosemary Coulter, Viv Leacock as Joseph Canfield, Natasha Burnett as Minnie Canfield, Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen, Loretta Walsh as Florence Yost, and Johannah Newmarch as Molly Sullivan,” TV Insider reported.

Movieguide® previously reported on the renewal:

The news is out—WHEN CALLS THE HEART is renewed for Season 12 on Hallmark Channel.

“WHEN CALLS THE HEART continues to exceed our expectations and the number of fans and viewers continue to grow every year,” said Lisa Hamilton Daly of EVP Programming. “Bringing Season 12 to life is a huge milestone and is a true testament to the cast and crew’s hard work and dedication throughout the last decade. We cannot wait for Hope Valley’s next chapter full of exciting characters and storytelling.”

Production on the 12-episode season will start in July 2024.

While little has been announced about the plot next season, Wagner hinted that he wants his character, Bill, to have a little romance. He also suggested that Hope Valley might face a threat that brings everyone together.

“Leacock teased that Hearties might get to see more of Joseph’s family in Season 12 after the arrival of his brother, Jacob, in Season 11,” TV Insider reported.

“There might be some more family members kicking around,” he told TV Insider.

In Season 11, Elizabeth and Nathan have been taking things slowly as sparks start to fly. Fans can expect their romance to continue in Season 12.

It’s “a real scary, exciting, authentic kinda love,” Krakow told ET. “So I’m thrilled about it.”

“It’s also significant to note that Mamie Laverock, who has played Rosaleen Sullivan in a recurring capacity on WHEN CALLS THE HEART, was recently involved in an accident that left her hospitalized and clinging to life after a five-story fall,” The Direct added. “It’s unknown if Laverock’s character was to factor into Season 12, but one would surely hope the young actress will pull through after this tragic turn of events.”

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