Why Would You Want Your Dog to Be Reincarnated?

Photo pulled from Religionews.com- Courtesy of Universal Pictures-Ethan, played by Dennis Quaid, and Bailey, voiced by Josh Gad, in “A Dog’s Journey.”

Why Would You Want Your Dog to Be Reincarnated?

Note: A DOG’S JOURNEY is new on DVD. This is a portion of our review of A DOG’S JOURNEY. For the full review, including a breakdown of content, violence, sex, language and nudity, click here.

In A DOG’S JOURNEY, a dog named Bailey has been given the purpose to always protect a little girl named CJ, but when CJ is taken away from a safe place, Bailey must step up to the plate. A DOG’S JOURNEY is a heartwarming, funny animal movie, but it has a New Age plotline promoting reincarnation.

Bailey lives on a farm with his “boy” Ethan and Hannah. Ethan and Hannah are the grandparents to CJ, who’s 2-years-old. CJ’s father has died, and her mother, Gloria, is living selfishly, instead of paying attention to CJ. CJ’s grandfather, Ethan, can see this, and tells Bailey his purpose is to protect CJ from harm. When CJ runs into a black stallion’s stable, Bailey has to save her life because her mother was on the phone not paying attention to her.

Ethan and Hannah chastise Gloria for not focusing on CJ. Gloria gets furious about this, complaining that no one’s looking out for her. She decides to take CJ and drive away to the city. Bailey tries to run after the car to protect CJ, but he’s just too old to have the energy.

Years later, CJ is now a little older and is at someone’s house to help her friend, Trent, adopt a dog. Trent found an adorable little cuddly dog, but also in the litter is Bailey, who’s just been reincarnated into a smaller dog named Molly. Molly still has the purpose of taking care of CJ and runs toward her. CJ instantly loves Molly. She decides to sneak Molly into her house when she gets home, even though she knows her mother isn’t going to be very happy about that.

Gloria decides to go on dates late at night, leaving the young CJ at home by herself. CJ pulls Molly close, and the two form a bond that CJ has never had before. Once Gloria finds out about Molly, she becomes angry, but she allows CJ to keep Molly so that she can be gone at night and doesn’t have to worry about CJ.

Years pass, and CJ is now a teenager with Molly as her trusted companion by her side. When a young man gets CJ in trouble, she needs Molly more than ever to protect her through tough times.

A DOG’S JOURNEY is a positive movie about the power of loving others over yourself. The movie also shows the importance of the bond between animals and humans and has some positive references to Heaven. Despite this, the movie’s entire premise is based on reincarnation, though it doesn’t base it on a religious belief – it’s more of a plotline for the story.

A DOG’S JOURNEY is a well-made movie with some very heartfelt moments but also some laughs. The movie has a great balance of funny and touching moments. Some of the actors are better than others, but the uneven acting isn’t too distracting. This movie was filmed in conjunction with A DOG’S PURPOSE, but viewers don’t need to see A DOG’S PURPOSE to understand what’s happening in A DOG’S JOURNEY, because the two movies have unrelated storylines.

By the way, reincarnation of dogs doesn’t make much sense, because, if your dog is going to be in Heaven, wouldn’t you want to be with the original dog, not a reincarnated version? Also, like human beings, dogs have individual personalities, so each dog we meet is a totally unique dog in multiple different ways from other dogs.

Coming back to life again and again would force bondage–not freedom–as people or animals continually endure trials and tribulations.

Reincarnation directly defies the Word of God.

Hebrews 9:27 says, “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment.”

NOTE: This is a portion of our review of A DOG’S JOURNEY. For the full review, including a breakdown of content, violence, sex, language and nudity, click here.