Willie and Korie Robertson’s Key to Marriage: ‘Faith is a Big Part of It’ 

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Willie and Korie Robertson’s Key to Marriage: ‘Faith is a Big Part of It’ 

By Movieguide® Contributor

DUCK DYNASTY duo Willie and Korie Robertson sat down with Fox News Digital and shared their secrets to a successful marriage.  

Willie stated right off the bat, “I think our faith is a big part of that because you believe in something bigger.” 

“When we’ve had difficult times, we know that there’s something else that we’re living for. And so that definitely has drawn us together,” Willie continued. 

“There’s all kind of little things, you know?,” Willie added. “I try to give more than I take, and I try to serve. And so there are a lot of little things that we put in there. And now that we have grandkids, it’s even more. I’m so glad that we did stick it out, that we’re still together. And our kids are married now and can watch us. And so it’s a tribute. And we’re thankful we modeled that from our parents as well and grandparents.”

“The secret to a successful marriage — I think I would just say it is just don’t quit because tough times will come, and we definitely experienced tough times,” Korie said. “But in those tough times, we’ve somehow turned back to one another, turned back to God. And rather than quitting, we just stuck it out and stayed together. And I think every marriage experiences that. And so that would be my advice,” Willie concluded. 

Willie and Korie both attributed the impact of thier faith to Willie’s parents Phil and Kay. Phil and Kay, known as Miss Kay in DUCK DYNASTY, accepted Jesus in the mid-1970s. 

Korie told Fox News Digital, “Faith is everything to our family. Willie’s family, actually, his parents came to faith when he was about 3 years old. And it just changed everything for their family, for their life. I grew up in a family of faith, so it’s so important to us.” 

She continued, “One thing that we realized when we did our show, ‘Duck Dynasty,’ was that people can be introduced to faith through all kinds of different ways. And entertainment is shaping our world, our culture in such powerful ways. We as a people are just consuming large amounts of entertainment right now. And so why not do things within entertainment that are faith-filled, that are hopeful, that are positive, that push people toward something good in the world rather than the other way?” 

The couple recently finished filming for their family’s upcoming film, THE BLIND. The film portrays Phil’s life prior to him coming to faith. Willie watched the film again and told Fox News Digital that it was “really difficult” to watch because he was reminded of all the struggles his parents endured.  

“But then you realize, ‘Wow, we’re so impacted by our faith is because that could have went either way,'” he shared. “And had my parents not chosen faith, they would have divorced for sure. I would have grown up in a completely different situation. There would have been no Duck Commander, which would have meant no ‘Duck Dynasty,’ and I probably wouldn’t have met you,” Willie added.  

He continued, “My whole life would have been completely different. So there’s this big appreciation of faith and someone that shared with them and that impacted their lives. And so you never know how that can happen. And it could be, like I said, it doesn’t always happen at church, at a church building. It happens all throughout life.”  

“And so anything we can do to bring that to people,” Willie expressed. “We saw that with ‘Duck Dynasty.’ We saw just a simple prayer at the end of a show, we’ve seen that impacts thousands and thousands of people who have reached out to us and said, ‘Man, that one little thing had a huge impact. Something we watched together as a family in our living rooms and had a real impact.’ So we know the power of entertainment. We know that there are different ways to tell stories,” he concluded.   

Movieguide® recently reported on the family’s new film, THE BLIND:  

A movie based on DUCK DYNASTY star Phil Robertson’s troubled past is getting ready to hit theaters.  

THE BLIND will premiere September 28 in theaters across America and promises to tell the “true story of the Robertson family.” 

Robertson struggled with alcohol abuse for years and was unfaithful in his marriage to wife Kay. His life turned around after he found Jesus.  

“I’m embarrassed by my past on one side, but on the other, I’m unashamed because my rotten sins have been bought and paid for by blood,” Robertson said in a statement about the movie. “If THE BLIND brings one person to know the power of the blood of Jesus, it was worth it.” 

He also shared THE BLIND’s poster on social media, along with a sweet message dedicated to Kay.  

“Miss Kay, I love you, and I’m grateful to my bones that you kept on loving me,” Robertson wrote. “My family is telling our story the way it needs to be told — raw moments, rough edges, good times and bad.” 

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