Worship Pastor Wows AMERICAN IDOL Judges, Receives Golden Ticket

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Worship Pastor Wows AMERICAN IDOL Judges, Receives Golden Ticket

By Movieguide® Contributor

Isaiah Case, a worship pastor at First Christian Church in Jacksonville, Illinois, stunned AMERICAN IDOL judges with his original song “What Can I Do.”

Case wrote the song with his father, Perry, and sister Sophia. The lyrics discuss the futility of chasing worldly things: “Money and girls and the things of this world / Got my foot caught in a trap / All of these things have a hold on my brain…”

But what took the judges by storm were the lyrics to the chorus:

I’ve been living on my own time
I’ve been living with my own pride
I’ve been living in a world without You
I’ve been caught up in my own lie
Stepping off onto a landmine
Oh Lord, what could I do?

“You know, it’s funny. We see worship leaders and most of the time they have a real smooth, very proper voice and you come out the gate with a lot of meat on that voice and you got a lot of characters in that,” said judge Luke Bryan.

“Katy Perry exclaimed, ‘What a voice!’ She noted how relatable the song is for all listeners. Everyone has had a moment of living in a way that needed change,” Church Leaders reported.

With a unanimous vote, Case received a golden ticket to Hollywood.

“There’s proof that it happened, that it wasn’t a fever dream,” he said after his golden ticket performance.

When Case returned home, he watched the episode with his church, which had about 100 people in attendance.

Per My Journal Courier, “First Christian members Jamie Logsdon and her daughter, Kaitoyn, of Versailles came out to support Case because he is supportive of Kaitoyn Logsdon’s own singing in church, she said, noting they sometimes sing together.”

“I am so proud of how far Isaiah has gotten from, like, from his starting to sing here,” Logsdon expressed. “I’m so glad to see him go and do something big, and I am so glad to be able to know him.”

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“The songs I write, they’re about personal things, things I’ve been through, just things that I’ve witnessed,” Jennifer Jeffries explained of her song, “Change My Ways.” “I write them so people can connect with them and know they’re not alone because a lot happens in your life, a lot of pain but a lot of joy. So I try to capture both.”

“Change My Ways” explores Jeffries’ relationship with God and how she understands the need to turn to God in good times and bad. 

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