Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.

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(C, B, Pa, L, VVV, S, N, A, D, M) Light, undeveloped Christian worldview with moral elements, marred by pagan elements, such as a scene with an American Indian making one or two New Agey statements, and by adult content, especially strong cartoon violence; 13 obscenities, including a few "s" words; strong cartoon violence with blood includes shootouts, people hit in chest and hands with gunshots, explosion, martial arts fighting, monorail derails, biological weapon causes young man to bleed to death, and man forces woman to swallow his immune blood to protect her from deadly biological weapon; no sex scenes but man dressed as woman yells at little girl and woman's breasts are barely covered in one scene; alcohol use; smoking; and, bounty hunters are heroes, bounty hunter breaks into phramaceutical company, Halloween decorations, and brief talk about souls being released from purgatory on All Hallow's Eve.

GENRE: Film Noir/Science Fiction











More Detail:

COWBOY BEBOP is a popular animated TV show from Japan that is often on the Cartoon Network. It is a film noirish science fiction series about a unique group of bounty hunters, including Jet Black, the gruff captain of a spaceship called the Bebop, a laconic young man named Spike, an independent woman named Faye Valentine, and a little girl named Edward who happens to be a computer wizard.

In the first animated feature of this series, the crew comes up against a deranged man who’s terrorizing Mars with a stolen biological weapon. The crew goes their separate ways, bringing in different pieces of the puzzle.

COWBOY BEBOP: THE MOVIE is a clever, entertaining blend of film noir thrillers and science fiction movies, in the vein of BLADERUNNER and Stephen Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT. Like those two movies, COWBOY BEBOP has some interesting Christian allegorical elements and some moral content. For example, in order to protect the people in the Martian capitol, the bounty hunters decide to release the antidote to the biological weapon in a man-made rainstorm that will “wash the world clean.” There is also talk about releasing souls from purgatory, in connection with the villain, who has become deranged because of his brief exposure to the biological weapon when he was a soldier. The villain has become unable to discern the difference between fantasy and reality. After the end of the movie, the credits ask the audience, “Are you living in the real world?”

These provocative redemptive elements are not developed fully, however. COWBOY BEBOP also contains enough adult content, especially strong cartoon violence, to make it possibly appropriate only for teenagers 15 years-old or older. In addition to the violence, the movie has two short scenes, one with a man dressed as a woman yelling at Edward for disturbing him and one where a woman’s breasts are barely covered.

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