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Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.

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In AGENT CODY BANKS 2: DESTINATION LONDON, Cody must track down rogue CIA Camp “Commander in Chief” Diaz after unwittingly helping him escape justice. Chief Diaz is involved in mind-control technology created to make the countries’ leaders attending the G7 conference in Europe his puppets, including the President of the United States. Once each nation is in Diaz’ control, he will rule the world! Cody is sent to a music school for protégés in London, England disguised as a clarinet virtuoso. The school is run by the clueless wife of Diaz’s henchman, Kenworth, creator of the mind-control system. Cody has never played the clarinet, however. How is he going maintain his cover long enough to find out where Diaz and his henchmen are hiding? Can a teenage boy save the world. . . again?

AGENT CODY BANKS 2 is well-written and well-crafted entertainment with a basic moral worldview of good versus evil. The sensuality in the first Cody Banks movie is absent from this movie. Aside from some action violence and a couple scatological gags, a Media-Wise Family™ might consider this movie a fun day with their pre-teen and young teenage children.


(BB, L, V, M) Strong moral worldview; four light obscenities (three jackass words camouflaged by coughs), one or two light profanities in song, man passes gas in elevator, and man presents jars of urine to security staff to distract them while detective sneaks past but accidentally spills one of the jars on the desk, whereupon one of the guards finishes his sandwich that was presumably splashed by urine; man jumped by CIA Beanie Baby®(for laughs -- he is seen later with a bandage on his forehead) and man and Nutty dentist might cause unease, lots of light action and slapstick violence includes Three Stooges slaps, various people are kicked, elbowed and smashed in the face to remove a tooth that is implanted with a mind control device, bad guy pursues agent with a rocket launcher and blows up parked cars and surrounding buildings, world leaders are under mind control so they poke, insult, pour ice down clothing, and kick each other in the fanny, nutty dentist is a little scary, and scary Special Forces commandoes invade a youth camp to catch a crook using helicopters and camouflage; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking; and, CIA kids taught that “trust equals death” during training, British agent says, “Americans think they are one step ahead of the world,” bad guy tells his nice wife he wants a divorce and says, “this is turning out to be a marvelous evening,” and anti-war message when youth music ensemble performs the song “War” (War! Huh! Good God! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again. . .”).

GENRE: Spy Comedy/Mystery

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