Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:


Profanity, obscenity; violence, murder and gore; nudity, promiscuity and sexual situations; and, witchcraft

More Detail:

Joel, a naive divinity student, is at a religious crossroads in his life. A lovely, but lethal temptress, who everybody wants to bed, has been dogging Joel’s every step ever since he was a little boy. In search of sanity, Joel travels to New York City to visit his boyhood pal, K.

The temptress, who is a sorceress after Joel’s soul, follows him to the Big Apple, where she seduces and slaughters more than a few patrons from the local bar. Later, K encounters the temptress, but leaves when he has to pick up Joel.

Joel eventually falls for the temptress, who won’t acknowledge her toying with K just nights before. When K confronts her, he notices she doesn’t cast a reflection in the mirror. The movie ends predictably, with K and another fellow teaming up to save Joel.

This horror/comedy is low budget sleaze. Besides the demonic and occultic theme of witchcraft which God abhors, there’s profanity, obscenity, murder, violence, gore, nudity, promiscuity, and sexual situations. Avoid like DEF BY TEMPTATION you would the plague.

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