"Ubermench Uber Alles"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

DOOM, based on the controversial, violent video game, stars The Rock as the sergeant of a group of Marines called to the planet Mars to find out what's gone wrong at an important research company's facility at an ancient alien teleport outpost. They discover company scientists have been experimenting with an alien genetic serum designed to create a race of super beings immune to disease, but that mutates people into monsters instead. Mutant monsters have begun killing and infecting the scientists, some of whom become zombies before turning into monsters. While trying to defend themselves, the marines try to stop the monsters from teleporting and infecting Earth.

DOOM is filled with gore and violence, and contains much gratuitous foul language. DOOM also takes a swipe at the United States Marine Corps. Eventually, the Marine commander who most exemplifies the Corps in the movie, who even has "Semper Fi" tattooed across his back, goes berserk and commands his men to kill all humans at the Mars facility. DOOM also carries a Neo-Nazi message, suggesting that only a master race of super beings can win. DOOM also mocks Christians. DOOM is clearly an abhorrent movie.


(PaPaPa, APAP, AbAb, Ho, LLL, VVV, S, NN, A, DD, MM) Very strong pagan worldview where mutated human beings turn into murderous monsters or zombies and can only be defeated by a genetically enhanced superman and lots of graphic, indiscriminate killing, with strong message against United States Marine Corps that also mocks the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fi," Always Faithful, and strong anti-Christian, anti-biblical content mocking Christianity and making a Christian character hold bizarre ascetic beliefs, and man says, "Kill them all; let God sort them out,” as well as homosexual references when man talks about going to Vegas with some "shemales" and when man doubts the heterosexuality of someone; about 75 obscenities, 14 strong profanities, eight light profanities, people vomit, man goes to toilet, and obscene gestures; extreme, often graphic and gory violence such as decapitations, arm tears off and falls to ground, autopsy of man who has mutated into some kind of monster, man's ear has been torn off, monsters blown apart with gunfire or grenades, human beings shot point blank with automatic gunfire, monsters attack, bite and mutilate human beings, infected man bangs head against the wall until he's dead, monster tongues pierce people's necks and infects them, man uses chainsaw to defend himself from monster, and POV shots of man shooting and killing mutated human beings, zombies and monsters; a few sexual references in dialogue includes man talks about going to Vegas to dally with some "shemales"; semi-nude pinup photo in Marine barracks; brief alcohol use; man pops some kind of amphetamine pills; and, movie contains message against U.S. "military industrial complex," sister and brother argue with one another, and company experiments on a human condemned to be executed.

More Detail:

DOOM, based on the controversial, violent video game created by ID Software, stars The Rock as the sergeant of a group of Marines called to the planet Mars to find out what’s gone wrong with a research company’s special investigation of an alien teleport outpost. They find out that the company has injected a condemned killer with a serum created by the aliens, who disappeared centuries ago. The serum was meant to create a superman who would be immune to disease, but instead has brought out the evil in the convict, mutating him into a real monster. The monster has begun killing and infecting the scientists, some of who become zombies before turning into monsters themselves.

While trying to defend themselves from many vicious attacks, the marines try to stop the monsters from teleporting and infecting Earth. Complicating matters is that the sergeant has orders to help a pretty young scientist download and bring back the information about the serum. Further complicating matters is that the scientist is the estranged sister of the sergeant’s best soldier, a man nicknamed Reaper.

DOOM is not only filled with blood, gore and violence, it also contains plenty of gratuitous “f” words and strong profanities taking the Lord’s name in vain (see the CONTENT section above for details).

DOOM also takes a swipe at the United States Marine Corps. During the movie, the sergeant, who exemplifies Marine values and even has the Marine motto “Semper Fi” (Always Faithful) tattooed on his back, goes berserk and orders the execution of some humans, including children, who may or may not be infected with the mutation turning people into zombies and monsters.

“Kill them all and let God sort it out,” he commands his men.

When one of the soldiers refuses to carry out the order, the leader shoots him in the head.

It is really sad to see a major Hollywood movie, especially one aimed at the teenagers and young adults who are recruited into our armed forces, include such a vile, anti-American message.

DOOM also carries a Neo-Nazi message, in that the only person who can save the day is someone who is able to be injected with the superman serum and not mutate into a monster.

Not surprisingly, DOOM also mocks Christians. One of the soldiers is a Christian who carves a cross into his arm when he takes the Lord’s name in vain.

Of course, like the video game on which it’s based, DOOM revels in human slaughter. At one point, it plays like the video game and the audience is turned into one of the shooters hilling everything that moves in the most brutal manner imaginable. Obsession with such murderous imagery is the kind of thing that helped instigate some of the school murders a few years ago.

MOVIEGUIDE® doesn’t recommend this vile movie for anyone. In fact, it recommends that parents make special efforts to prevent their children and teenagers from watching DOOM or playing the violent, gory video game.

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