FROZEN (2013)

"Much More than a Princess Movie"


What You Need To Know:

FROZEN is one of the best modern princess movies from Disney. Princess Anna and Elsa are best friends and sisters. Elsa has the power to produce ice, but when she accidently hurts Anna, she’s sent to her room. Years later, Elsa must be crowned to finally open the gates to the castle. Elsa fears the entire time that she cannot control her power. After getting in a fight with Anna, she freezes the entire kingdom and flees. Elsa builds herself an isolated ice castle. Anna goes to look for her sister to show her love and convince her to bring summer back to the kingdom.

FROZEN is one of Disney’s most entertaining, inspiring movies. It shows love isn’t about lust, but sacrifice. Elsa learns there’s a right and wrong. She also learns you can’t isolate yourself, but must help others. FROZEN has a very strong redemptive, moral worldview. It also has incredible animation and wonderful songs, with plot twists that advance the story in positive directions. FROZEN not only has an uplifting worldview, great story, and incredible animation. It’s also very funny.


(CCC, BBB, V, M) Very strong Christian, redemptive, moral worldview stresses love is sacrifice, family, scenes in a church with a church choir, a song about loving people even with their faults, trolls ordaining a marriage with a book (book does not have wording), with some magical elements, but magic is seen as bad; no foul language, one mention of being “gassy”; some animated violence, including woman hitting man in the face, men fighting a large snow man, characters fall from great heights but are not harmed; no sex but one kiss; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking nor drug use; and, the villain lies.

More Detail:

When Queen Elsa accidently freezes the entire town, her sister, Princess Anna, must convince her to bring summer back, in FROZEN. FROZEN is not only a funny, entertaining movie, with incredible animation, it also shows that true love is sacrifice.

Princess Anna and Elsa are best friends and sisters. One night Elsa gets Anna up to go play in the snow. Elsa has magical powers to create the snow. When Anna and Elsa get too excited, Elsa hurts Anna badly. Elsa is saved, but Elsa is forbidden to come out of her room until she can control her powers. However, Anna doesn’t understand why Elsa will not come out because her memory about the accident has been erased.

All Anna’s life she believes that her sister has ostracized her, though they once were best friends. Tragically, Elsa and Anna’s parents die, the King and the Queen, and the gates of the castle are closed until Elsa can be crowned Queen. Elsa is thrilled about her coronation, but she’s nervous because she can’t control her powers yet.

The coronation goes well. However, when Anna meets Prince Hans and decides she wants to marry him, things get out of control. Queen Elsa doesn’t want her sister marrying someone she just met, but Anna fights with her. This leads Elsa to become enraged. She freezes the entire kingdom and runs away.

Once Elsa is in the mountains, she builds herself an ice castle and enjoys being able to use her powers. Anna knows that her sister needs love. She goes to find her and bring her back, putting Prince Hans in charge in the meantime.

On her way to Elsa, Anna meets Kristoff, who decides to help her. However, it isn’t until Anna meets Olaf, a snowman that her and her sister had made when they were little, does she feel hopeful of her mission to find her sister. Together, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Kristoff’s reindeer go through storms and snow to find Anna and show her she is loved.

FROZEN is one of the best modern day Disney Princess movies. It shows that love is not about lust. When Anna believes she has true love after meeting someone for a day, she’s told that true love is really about sacrifice. Though Princess Anna and Queen Elsa have special powers, the powers are not the conflict in the movie. Anna learns that there is a right and wrong and that you cannot just alienate yourself, but you must help others. Overall, FROZEN has a very strong redemptive, moral worldview.

FROZEN has incredible animation and wonderful songs. There are plot twists that enhance the movie positively. Not only does the movie have an inspiring worldview, great story line and incredible animation, it’s also very comical. FROZEN truly is one of Disney’s best Princess movies.

A short cartoon before FROZEN brings back the old Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters. The villain, Pete, is trying to kidnap Mini. He throws Mickey out of the black and white world into the world of 3D. After figuring out how to use the 3D world to his benefit, Mickey is able to get Minnie back. There is some animated violence in the short. Pete is stabbed in the behind multiple times by a pitchfork. Overall the short is cute, but uses animated violence for comic relief.

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