Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

HEAR MY SONG is an engaging tall tale about a nightclub owner's search for a legendary tenor. Beautifully photographed in Liverpool and Ireland, this film mixes a shaggy-dog fable with Capraesque filmmaking for a charmingly funny and well-acted production, that is nonetheless marred by a gratuitous sex scene and unnecessary harsh language.


(LL, NN, SS, A/D) 15 obscenities & 7 profanities; female nudity, brief sexual encounter, & implied sexual immortality; and, alcohol consumption.

More Detail:

HEAR MY SONG tells about Micky O’Neill, an Irishman who manages a faltering Liverpool nightclub. Since talent is hard to find, he resorts to tacky impersonators, such as Frank Cinatra. To save the club, Micky announces a surprise performer, “Mr. X.” The people assume he is the legendary tenor, Joseph Locke. In a breathtaking performance, “Mr. X” almost pulls off his charade, but one of Mr. Locke’s old flames discovers he is an imposter, and Micky becomes a disgrace. His music hall sets the date with a wrecking ball, while his wedding is put on hold, and he treks through Ireland to find the real Joseph Locke. The tenor is living in exile because of a tax dispute. How Mr. Locke is found and inspired to return to Liverpool, proves to be a colorful and hilarious tall tale.

In between the enchantment and cleverness are some wry observations about honesty, respect and appropriate expressions of love. Even better is the finale, as Mr. Locke performs in Micky’s music hall. Playing the role of Mr. Locke, Ned Beatty is robust and enjoyable to watch. Beautifully photographed, this film is a charmingly funny and well-acted production, that is regrettably marred by a gratuitous sex and unnecessary harsh language.