"Skewed Moral Compass"


What You Need To Know:

I’LL FIND YOU is set in Poland during World War II in the 1930s and1940s. Before the war, Rachel Rubin and Robert Pulaski are talented children in a music academy. They are reunited as adults, but Rachel is now engaged to another man. However, they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Meanwhile, Nazi Germany is taking over Europe, and Rachel and her family are swiftly taken away to a concentration camp. Despite his best efforts to save them, Robert watches their capture and vows to find her no matter what it takes.

This period piece has high production values with beautiful costumes, music and locations. However, the story isn’t as compelling as it should be, especially considering the subject matter. It doesn’t draw the audience in and create a bond with the characters, leaving the emotions a bit empty and surface level. I’LL FIND YOU has a strong Romantic worldview, with romantic love being the driving motivation behind the characters. Also, the story has a strong level of moral relativism, plus some violence and sexual situations. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution.


(RoRo, B, ACAC, L, VV, SS, NN, A, D, MM):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Mainly a strong Romantic worldview with some moral elements but is mostly centered around a romantic relationship, which is the driving force behind the storyline, plus some of the moral elements include good winning over evil where the National Socialists in Germany are eventually defeated

Foul Language:
Two uses of MG and one mild curse word

Some violence that is relatively mild considering the subject matter, a few scenes including gun violence with some blood, Jewish hate crimes, some hand to hand combat, some blood shown on a costume during an opera performance, some disturbing images of dead bodies at a concentration camp during the Holocaust

Moderate amount of sexual content including one sex scene, fornication, a man asks a woman about her sexual past and tells a story about being in a brothel, a man has an affair with a married woman and justifies it because the husband knows and can no longer perform sexually

Upper male and female nudity in a sexual situation, upper male nudity as there are shirtless men on a refugee ship

Alcohol Use:
Some alcohol use throughout at dinner or parties

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Some tobacco smoking includes cigarettes and a pipe, but no drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Strong miscellaneous content including moral relativism as multiple affairs are justified for various reasons, one brief scene involving animal cruelty, and characters lie to ensure their safety from the German National Socialists.

More Detail:

Set in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, I’LL FIND YOU begins as Rachel Rubin and Robert Pulaski get off on the wrong foot in their music academy as young children. They butt heads and compete against each other to be the best at the violin. However, after Robert makes a holiday effort to amend things with her, he soon discovers that his talent lies within his voice and begins to pursue a singing career instead.

Robert leaves and returns all grown up to reunite with his former classmates and with his childhood crush, Rachel. However, he soon learns she’s engaged to be married and meant to travel to Prague for a music competition. He begs her not to go through with the marriage. When their teacher Lena warns of the Germans invading Prague, he volunteers to accompany Rachel on her journey.

When they return, they have consummated their relationship, although Rachel is still engaged to be married. Her parents are frustrated with her lack of interest in her fiancé, but Rachel’s father informs the family that they will be leaving for Switzerland the next morning to avoid the Nazi invasion. However, the invasion comes just hours before they are set to leave, and they are forced into hiding. Robert joins a local resistance movement, but it isn’t enough to save the Rubin family when the Nazis find them in their hiding spot and swiftly escort them to Auschwitz.

Robert immediately decides to accept an offer to study opera with a prestigious teacher, Benno Moser, in Germany so that he can figure out a way to locate and free Rachel. He is forced almost instantly to perform in front of Adolf Hitler himself and other officers of the Nazi regime, but with Moser on his side, they’re able to make their way into Auschwitz to perform with the orchestra there, where he finally sees Rachel in the first chair violin.

Devastated by her imprisonment, Moser tries to buy her freedom under the cover of wanting her to play for his opera, but it doesn’t work because of her Jewish background. Soon after, Moser is suspected of treason by the Nazis, and Robert is forced to run from the estate but finds refuge helping out on a small farm in the woods. While there, he spots British troops making their way through who inform him that the war is in fact almost over. Now he can finally continue his mission and keep his promise to find Rachel so that they can finally be together in safety.

Most movies centering on the Holocaust can be extremely emotional and pull on the heartstrings of the audience, but this story falls short of evoking any such feeling. The story is written on almost a surface level, and the characters aren’t able to create empathy with the viewers, leaving an almost apathetic feeling. The lead actor feels like he’s reaching at most points and can’t get to where he needs to be to move the audience the way they should be moved. The production values are high, with beautiful locations, costumes and period piece hair and makeup, but with the story lacking, the production design isn’t enough to hold the viewer’s attention.

I’LL FIND YOU follows a primarily romantic worldview, with some moral elements, but a lot of moral relativism. The main character’s affair is easily justified because of their love for each other, and they sleep together even though Rachel is engaged to another man. Of course, good does triumph over evil in regards to the war, as it is common knowledge, but the moral compass by all of the protagonists is heavily skewed. I’LL FIND YOU HAS a mild amount of violence, including some blood, sexual situations which include nudity, and some alcohol and tobacco use. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for I’LL FIND YOU.