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"Redemptive, Heartfelt and Funny, But Marred"

What You Need To Know:

LAST CHRISTMAS is a heartfelt romantic comedy, with moral problems. After having a serious surgery at a young age, Kate has no interest living a healthy life. She parties, drinks every night, sleeps around, and isn’t focused at her job. She’s focused on herself and has hurt the people around her. One day, she meets a compassionate man, Tom, who’s selfless and works at a Christian homeless shelter. Kate forgets to lock up the store where she works, and a thief breaks into the shop. Will Kate get out of the rut, apologize for her selfish ways and learn from Tom?

Despite a couple slow parts, LAST CHRISTMAS is funny and entertaining, with heartwarming moments. It has a strong moral, redemptive worldview with overt positive Christian references. In fact, the movie actually starts and ends in a church. However, in between that, it shows lots of destructive behavior. Thus, it contains too much foul language, including several strong profanities, and too many references to premarital sex. LAST CHRISTMAS is a redemptive morality tale with uplifting moments, but MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution.


(BB, CC, Ro, Ho, LLL, S, AA, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong moral, redemptive worldview, with overt Christian references, extols compassion, being selfless, helping others, and families have to learn to get along and love each other, no matter their quirks, and includes a scene of a family at church in the beginning, a scene in a church at the end, a Cross and a Crucifix are shown, lead male character works at a Christian homeless shelter, and a Catholic saint appears on a necklace, with some Romantic, lawless, immoral behavior, and references to a homosexual couple

Foul Language:
13 obscenities, five strong profanities, 12 light profanities

Surgery shown with some blood

References to character fornicating with different people each night, character mentions having extra-marital sex, some lewd jokes, one homosexual couple, and implied fornication when an unmarried character sleeps with another unmarried person and it turns out that that person is dating someone else

No nudity though a character takes a shower but the shower curtain covers the nudity

Alcohol Use:
Some drinking and drunkenness but drinking too much is rebuked

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drug use; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Lying, deception and selfishness but rebuked.

More Detail:

LAST CHRISTMAS is a funny, heartfelt romantic comedy about a young woman who doesn’t have any motivation for life until she meets a compassionate man who works at a Christian homeless shelter and teaches her a life lesson. LAST CHRISTMAS has a strong moral worldview with overt, positive Christian references about learning to be selfless, but it’s marred by too much foul language and some gratuitous lewd content that warrants extreme caution.

Kate is burning the candle on both ends, waking up early, going to work, and drinking late into the night. In fact, she’s living out of a suitcase, because she has annoyed her roommates too many times and has been kicked out. Then, when she has tried to stay at a friend’s place, she’s ended up harming their house in some way. Kate works as an elf at a quirky Christmas shop, with bizarre Christmas ornaments and an interesting shopkeeper who’s Chinese and calls herself Santa. Santa is down on Kate because she’s been distracted at work, comes in late, doesn’t talk to the customers, etc.

While working one day, Kate gets distracted and meets a young man, Tom, who’s exceptionally positive. Tom asks Kate on a walk and tells her to constantly look up. During the walk, Tom shows Kate all these interesting things that make her look up to the sky, in other words, to Heaven. When they come to the church homeless shelter on their walk, Tom tells Kate he must go to work, helping the homeless, and they part ways.

Kate’s real passion is her singing. One night when she’s late for an audition, she forgets to lock up the Christmas shop. When she returns, the shop has been broken into, and Santa gives Kate a reality check. Will Kate be able to get her life on the right path or will she keep being selfish and hurting those around her?

LAST CHRISTMAS has a strong moral worldview with overt references to Christmas, church, faith, and helping the homeless at a church mission. Eventually, Kate learns how to be selfless. She really has to learn how to think of others and not focus on herself. The movie also starts in a Christian church. However, it then shows Kate’s destructive lifestyle of partying, drinking and sleeping around with unmarried men. Kate does learn that these things are not good, but the audience sees the destructive lifestyle. Also, the characters tease their parents but have to learn to get along and love each other, no matter their quirks. LAST CHRISTMAS is also marred by too many obscenities and profanities, including several strong profanities. In addition, there are references to a homosexual couple.

LAST CHRISTMAS is an entertaining romantic comedy with funny, heartfelt moments. It could become a movie that audiences view each Christmas. Parts of LAST CHRISTMAS could have been better edited, though, because parts of it feel slow. As a whole, LAST CHRISTMAS warrants an extreme caution rating because of its objectionable content.