Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:


Profanities and obscenities; and, male nudity and homosexual activities performed.

More Detail:

A story about homosexuality and the struggles associated with the sodomite lifestyle, the film is told in two-year segments beginning in 1981 and ending in 1989. It focuses primarily on three homosexual “couples”: David and Sean, Fuzzy and his boyfriend, and Howard and his “lover”.

Through the 1980s, AIDS slowly decimates their group. The disease first kills Sean, then Howard’s boyfriend, next others in their circle of friends, and, finally, David. Most of them are infected by the end of the movie, yet they continue in their sinful lifestyle, either nihilistic or under the confused assumption that science will find a cure.

The film portrays the sodomite lifestyle as city and country living at its best, with fine wines, cheeses and a Long Island weekend-house. Only in passing, does the film mention the many diseases that homosexuals transmit, and it superficially treats the pain and emotional trauma that exists in these people’s lives.

The film ends with three of them on the beach, walking and pondering whether a cure will be found. Suddenly, the beach is inundated with dozens of homosexuals, each hugging and kissing each other, gleefully dancing in the sand. Among them are their dead friends, brought back by the hope of a cure.

This is a depressing film wallowing in disillusionment. It sends subtle messages that there are ways to deal with AIDS and being sodomite, thereby justifying a lifestyle that means death. Like the television game show, “Truth or Consequences,” the truth is: if you practice sodomy, chances are you will get AIDS. As a consequence, you will die.

You would not be arrogant to tell someone that this lifestyle leads to death. If they have AIDS, tell them that if they will repent and come to Jesus, they will be forgiven and healed spiritually, for God doesn’t give a blood test at the pearly gates of heaven. However, God abhors sodomy, though He loves the person and has given His only begotten Son to redeem each and every sinner from their sin (whether that sin is sodomy or murmuring).

Some sodomites, unfortunately, will angrily shake their fist and shout: “Don’t tell me what to do! I’ll live my life the way I choose to!” For these, even death won’t stop them from their homosexual indulgences. The prophet Isaiah speaks of their kind in chapter 22, whose “slain were not killed by the sword, nor did they die in battle.” They, too, were dying from (quite possibly) a plague, but said unremorsefully, “Let us eat and drink… for tomorrow we die!”

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please feel compassion for those who refuse God’s Grace. You may want to call L.I.F.E. Ministries at (212) 239-9629 for their videotapes about former participants of the homosexual lifestyle who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ.

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