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"The Cross of Christ Holds the Key to Defeating Evil"


What You Need To Know:

In MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECKONING PART ONE, Tom Cruise returns as spy Ethan Hunt. Ethan’s boss at the Impossible Missions Force wants Ethan’s team to obtain the two halves of a cross-shaped key. The key grants people access to the source code of a super-powerful Artificial Intelligence entity. The entity has infiltrated all digital information and communications except for the world’s top intelligence agencies. Ethan’s boss wants the government to control the entity, but Ethan wants to use the code to destroy it. A deadly quest begins. Meanwhile, the entity is working with a ruthless, nihilistic assassin who wants to control the power for himself.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECKONING PART ONE tells a gripping story of good versus evil. It’s a superlative, high stakes spy thriller with explosive action, gripping suspense and great characters. DEAD RECKONING PART ONE has a strong allegorical Christian worldview, with the theme that, “The Cross of Christ holds the key to destroy evil.” However, the movie has lots of strong action violence and some foul language, including four strong profanities. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for teenagers and adults.


(CCC, BBB, LL, VV, S, N, A, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong allegorical Christian worldview with the message that “the Cross of Christ holds the key to defeat or destroy evil,” with very strong moral elements where hero has a viewpoint that highly values life and hates evil, especially malicious and merciless evil and evil that desires absolute power;

Foul Language:
Seven mostly light obscenities (including one “f” word in the midst of some frenetic noisy action that the editors may have missed), four GD profanities and five light exclamatory profanities;

Lots of strong action violence, fighting and chase scenes such as gunfight between hero and heroine and a bunch of bounty hunters in the Arabian desert, other gunfights occur, lengthy chase scene in the Abu Dabi airport, lengthy street chase between bad guys and hero and police and a military team sent to capture or kill hero, hero fights off a male and a female villain to run and save the two women (he bests the female villain but spares her life), hero jumps off a mountain with a parachute to stop the ruthless villain who may kill the hero’s female compatriot who has something the villain wants, hero smashes through a train window, hero and ruthless villain fight atop speeding train, villain kills people in cold blood, villain fatally stabs a person in the chest, and people try to survive a runaway train that eventually sits precariously on a ledge of an exploded bridge while the train’s cars start falling into the canyon below one by one;

No sex but there’s suggestive dancing in one or two shots, and the hero’s relationships with women are mentioned, but the sexuality is not mentioned (it’s mentioned that, because of his dangerous job, the women he falls in love with are always put in deadly danger);

Suggestive partially nude dancing shown briefly in one shot (upper male nudity and bare male and female legs);

Alcohol Use:
Brief alcohol use;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs, but hero knocks out his boss with a tranquilizer dart; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
One character is a thief who keeps lying and taking an object that the hero needs to stop a great evil, and two government officials turn out to be corrupt.

More Detail:

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECKONING PART ONE is another well-produced entry in this high-octane franchise starring Tom Cruise as IMF spy Ethan Hunt, in a story where Ethan must protect his team, including his romantic partner and a resourceful female thief, from a super-powerful Artificial Intelligence entity and its vicious nihilistic henchman intent on controlling the world. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECKONING PART ONE is a superlative spy thriller, with gripping action and a strong allegorical Christian message that “the Cross of Christ holds the key for defeating evil,” but it has lots of intense action violence and some foul language, including four strong profanities.

The movie begins with a Russian sub testing a new advanced, computerized stealth device under the Arctic ice. Things go wrong when the tech develops a strange computer bug that causes one of sub’s own torpedoes to go haywire and sink the sub.

It turns out that a powerful Artificial Intelligence entity hacked the double cross-shaped key, called a Cruciform key, that opens the lock to the sub’s new high-tech stealth device and controls it. The entity also has hacked nearly all the world’s digital tech but is lying dormant until it’s ready to take over everything some day in the near future. Happily, though, it’s not yet hacked into all the major countries’ intelligence apparatus, including America’s. So, all the major intelligence agencies are frantically trying to transfer everything to analog systems that the entity can’t touch.

Also happily, the two parts of the Cruciform key floated to the surface in the spring on the dead bodies of two Russian officers commanding the sub’s crew. When combined, the two parts will give a person access to the entity’s source code to shut it down, or control it. The two parts of the double-cross key go missing, but Ethan’s lover, Ilsa, has managed to steal one of the two parts. Someone put a bounty on her head, but Ethan helps her fight off a bunch of bounty hunters in the Arabian desert in Yemen. She gives Ethan the half of the key, and he tells her to pretend to be dead and hide away, to protect herself.

Ethan doesn’t turn in the half of the key to his boss, Eugene Kittridge, head of the Impossible Missions Force. However, Kittridge orders him to find the second half of the key and turn both halves into him. Kittridge says he wants the United States to control the key, which would give it access to the “source code” of the AI entity and be able to control the powerful but evil entity. Ethan, though, says he will use the source code to destroy the entity.

Ethan and his team, which includes Luther and Benji, go after the second half. They discover that their old friend, the female gangster called “The White Widow” because of her platinum blonde hair, is having a courier deliver the second half to her in Venice. There, she plans on selling the half to the highest bidder. The bidder could be one of the major nations, including the United States, or a super-rich criminal. Ethan also learns that an old nemesis, a ruthless nihilistic assassin named Gabriel, is after the second half. Ethan also learns Gabriel is actually working for the evil entity, but Gabriel secretly wants to obtain both halves of the Cruciform key so that he can control the entity through its source code.

There’s a fly in the ointment, however. A beautiful female thief, calling herself Grace, is trying to obtain the White Widow’s second half of the key, though she has no idea what it does and what it’s really worth. She too wants to sell it to the highest bidder.

Also, Kittridge has ordered an elite military team to follow Ethan and stop him from getting both halves of the key, finding the source code and destroying the entity.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECKONING PART ONE isn’t totally perfect, but it doesn’t disappoint in delivering the goods when it comes to high-stakes action and suspense, not to mention colorful characters and situations. Even better, it tells a gripping story of good versus evil. In fact, it has a strong allegorical Christian worldview with the metaphorical theme that, “The Cross of Christ holds the key to defeat or destroy evil.” Also, the hero, played by Tom Cruise, has a strong moral code that highly values life and hates evil.

That said, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – DEAD RECKONING PART ONE has lots of intense action violence, including murder by the ruthless human villain. There’s also lots of foul language, including one “f” word and four strong profanities linking God with a “d” obscenity. A suggestive dance scene also occurs. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for mature viewers, including teenagers and adults.

A word about the idea of an Artificial Intelligence system becoming sentient. MOVIEGUIDE® doesn’t believe this is actually possible, because are the ones who program and control these systems. Thus, an Artificial Intelligence system, including a robot with an AI system, can only do what it’s programmed to do. It can’t become sentient and go against its programming. However, MOVIEGUIDE® does believe that a malevolent person or a group of malevolent people can create and control a malicious AI system to commit deeds of mass destruction or even take global control of major technology, including, perhaps, all nuclear bombs. In effect, the mass media in the United States already does some of this today, however, because it controls and spews up much of the information and group-think that reaches 50% or more of the people. And, the mass media has accomplished this without using a super-powerful Artificial Intelligence system, simply with the help of powerful automatic pre-programmed algorithms. The danger with AI is that it will give the mass media tyrants, working with tyrannical government leaders, even more power to control everyone and destroy their enemies.

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