"Misses the Target Entirely"


What You Need To Know:

2 GUNS brings Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg together as partners in crime. Denzel plays Bobby, an undercover agent working to stop a major drug lord. With no leads on where this villain keeps his drugs, Bobby convinces Marcus, played by Mark Wahlberg, to rob a bank where the drug lord may store his drugs. The robbery goes wrong. Instead of finding drugs, they find $43 million in cash. Marcus betrays Bobby. A chase begins between the two former partners and the multiple corrupt government agencies wanting the money.

2 GUNS has a poorly constructed, convoluted plot, with too many antagonists. Comical banter aside, the movie has little positive qualities. There are brief moral elements about doing the right thing and protecting the guy fighting next to you. However, most of the movie involves betrayal, government corruption and lawlessness. 42 GUNS also has abundant foul language, brief explicit nudity, intense action violence, and some left-wing politically correct content. Even the alleged good guys sometimes behave in an unlawful manner. So, Movieguide® advises extreme caution for the excessive content in 2 GUNS.


(PaPa, B, C, APAP, P, PCPC, ACap, LLL, VV, S, NN, A, DD, MMM) Strong mixed pagan worldview with some moral elements of “fighting for the guy that’s next to you” and a man wears a cross necklace, but much of the movie supports a pagan worldview that’s fairly devoid of moral or lawful ideals, with some Anti-American elements where nearly every government official is seen as corrupt and greedy and none of them makes the right moral decision, and even the good guys behave in unlawful manners by destroying private property and robbing; a patriotic sentiment is said that “blind loyalty isn’t loyalty,” some leftist politically correct content where two right-wing conservatives patrolling the border looking for illegal aliens are portrayed foolishly and the bad guy states, “It’s a free market, not a free world” in an anti-capitalist context; at least 60 obscenities (including 20 “f” words) and five profanities, several jokes about male anatomy, and a man washes his hands in his own urine; some heavy action violence includes many people getting shot and killed with some gore, a man is hit by a car, men wrestle and punch each other, the bad guy slams some tacks into a man’s hand and also shoots another man in the legs point blank, chicken get heads shot off, a man’s decapitated head is seen sitting in a bowling bag, several car crashes and a large explosion are seen; twice a man and woman lie in bed before implied sex; in both of the implied sex scenes, the woman is undressed, once with brief upper female nudity and the other in her undergarments, plus upper male nudity, a woman wears a somewhat revealing nightgown and another woman wears a cleavage-bearing blouse, upper male nudity; alcohol is consumed, but no one is drunk; lots of discussion regarding cocaine and drug dealers; and, lots of betrayal, greed, immoral, and unlawful behavior is seen, some without consequence.

More Detail:

2 GUNS brings Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg together as partners in crime. Bobby (Denzel) is an undercover DEA agent working to bring down a major drug lord, Papi Greco. With no real leads on where Greco keeps his drugs and time running out, Bobby convinces his partner, Marcus (Mark Wahlberg), to help rob the bank where Greco’s drug cartel may store their drugs.

Upon robbing the small-town bank, instead of finding drugs, they find $43 million. They take the 43 million, assuming it’s drug money, and leave. Before Bobby can reveal to Marcus he’s DEA, Marcus shoots him in the arm and takes the money. It’s revealed that Marcus is an AWOL U.S. naval intelligence officer who was pressured by his corrupt commander to betray Bobby and steal the money. It’s also revealed that the money belongs to the CIA, led by a ruthless agent played by Bill Paxton, who’s using all his resources to track down the money and the people who stole it. Marcus and Bobby must learn to work together now that the Cartel, the U.S. Navy and the CIA are all after them.

The plot of 2 GUNS is as convoluted as it sounds. Practically every character is untrustworthy and lives in an unethical manner. Cynicism prevails in this story, which has multiple corrupt government agencies and agents all choosing money over honor. The relationship between cool and composed Bobby and young and reckless Marcus has its charming, funny moments. The younger man’s unfiltered mouth is constantly getting the two of them into unwanted trouble, creating some comical banter. The action sequences are exciting, and the director avoids showing graphic amounts of blood. However, there are little to no redeeming messages to the story.

Ultimately, therefore, the worldview is rather mixed. On the good side, there are two positive and even biblical statements about loyalty. For example, Marcus tells Bobby that his moral code is that he always fights for the guy next to him. He refuses to kill Bobby even when his commanding officers tell him to do so. A commander at the U.S. Navy Base also makes a statement that “blind loyalty isn’t loyalty.” This refutes any unlawful decision that Marcus made, even if he was told to do so by his superiors. Despite this relatively positive content, pagan attitudes toward law and morality abound, and nearly every government official is corrupt. This cynical view of government, along with some other anti-patriotic and left-wing plot points make for an uninspiring story.

Included in the movie’s mixed pagan worldview is abundant foul language, some intense action and an utterly unnecessary scene with nudity. Movieguide® considers 2 GUNS a forgettable movie with excessive content.

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Quality: - Content: -3
Watch 2 GUNS
Quality: - Content: -3