Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.

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In the entertaining and suspenseful comedy, I LOVE TROUBLE, two rival newspaper reporters, one a seasoned veteran and the other a fresh-faced cub played by Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts, go head-to-head covering the suspicious circumstances surrounding a Chicago train wreck. Superb acting and excellent production add to the intrigue, mystery, and humor of I LOVE TROUBLE, an immensely enjoyable film marred by a small amount of foul language, sexual innuendo and implied immorality.


(R, L, V, S, N, M) Romantic worldview with pattern of lying to achieve agenda, but played for laughs; 3 obscenities, 5 exclamatory profanities, 3 vulgarities, & 3 sexual innuendoes; brief action violence--train wreck, car chase, gun fire, & dead body, but nothing gratuitous and all necessary to plot; implied promiscuity & suggestive dancing in 1 scene; brief partial nudity--only back & shoulders seen briefly in 1 comic scene; and, smoking & drinking portrayed casually, but no abuse.

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Moviegoers will not be disappointed with Disney’s pairing of Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte in the entertaining and suspenseful adventure comedy, I LOVE TROUBLE. Two rival newspaper reporters, one a seasoned veteran and the other a fresh-faced cub, go head-to-head covering the same story involving a Chicago train wreck. With new facts emerging by the minute, our two crack reporters uncover suspicious circumstances surrounding the cause of the wreck and, in the process, stumble upon a plot involving industrial espionage. The race is on: who will get the next scoop, and who will ultimately break the whole story?

An intriguing mystery with intense drama, I LOVE TROUBLE also provides comic relief and a romantic element in the relationship between Roberts and Nolte. Never a dull or lagging moment, the film’s pace and plot development are superb, and the drama and suspense are captivating. First-rate cinematography establishes the overall continuity and style, and the story is made even easier to follow by the use of innovative cuts and edits which add to the smooth flow. I LOVE TROUBLE is an immensely enjoyable film combining intrigue, mystery, drama, and humor with superb acting and excellent production. A small amount of foul language, sexual innuendo and implied immorality mars this otherwise enjoyable movie suitable mainly for adults.