"A Satirical Hodgepodge of History, Fiction and Raunchy Content"


What You Need To Know:

AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE is an ultraviolent satire on Netflix about George Washington coming into his own as a national as he avenges the murder of his best friend, Abe Lincoln. With the help of Samuel Adams, Thomas Edison, Paul Revere, Martha Washington, Geronimo, and an African American blacksmith, Washington must avenge Abe Lincoln while staying out of British clutches by bringing Abe’s dream of establishing a new nation to fruition. Meanwhile, Benedict Arnold has plans to subjugate all the colonists to the British crown. Can Washington and his friends put aside their differences and defeat the British?

AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE has some good animation and funny moments. In the story, George Washington must learn a few lessons about perseverance and motivating others to become the leader he needs to be. The movie has some Christian, moral themes of sacrifice, perseverance, valuing unborn life, encouraging others, patriotism, and a cross image at a significant moment. However, AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE is full of constant foul language, false history, political correctness, homosexual references, and raunchy comedy. Ultimately, the movie is abhorrent and unacceptable.


(PaPaPa, RHRH, CC, BB, P, CapCap, PCPC, APAP, AB, HoHo, Fe, LLL, VVV, SS, NN, AA, DD, MMM):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong mixed pagan worldview with strong positive and negative, obscene content with strong revisionist history meant for comedy where most of the movie is pure fiction, aside from the names of characters and locations (such as the Founding Fathers play beer pong to decide whether “we the people” or “us rich white guys” should be included in the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Edison turns out to be a Chinese woman who helps George Washington), some strong Christian and moral and pro-capitalist elements promote friendship, perseverance, consistency, sacrifice, unborn life (George Washington wants to become a father, woman says another woman’s pregnancy is a beautiful gift, and characters react with indignation, anger and horrified shock when they think the antagonist threatened to eat an unborn baby), and freedom (including freedom from the British who are often called “the fun police” and some patriotic images), and Martha Washington encourages George not to give up, George sometimes quotes some general moral or political lesson and then inaccurately says, “John 3:16,” George also prays to God and says, “In God, I trust,” a Christian Cross leads George in the right direction in one scene, and a blacksmith defends free market capitalism and says taxes hurt small businessmen, mixed with strong negative, immoral and politically correct, leftist content that makes the Founding Fathers look stupid, hedonistic, and ridiculously racist and sexist (the movie makes all the Founders who are white males seem like racist cry babies who had no real problems because they’re white and only overthrew the British because the Brits wouldn’t let them have fun, lots of talk as if the white Founding Fathers have it easy simply because of their skin color), some Anti-Christian, anti-biblical content when a Christian woman angrily slaps a homosexual man across his face with a Bible and calls him a “sinner” after he says he wants to marry his boyfriend, and the British call King James their “Lord and Savior” (a dig at the King James Bible), multiple and sometimes crude homosexual references including innuendos between Abe Lincoln and George and Washington, and both men act in effeminate ways during some scenes, George calls Lincoln “babe,” and it’s crudely implied that Samuel Adams and his drunken friends engage in homosexual acts, and there are some feminist elements as the white men are dismissive of any woman being in predominantly male industries even to the point of assuming a doctor with a clearly feminine name must be a male

Foul Language:
At least 188 obscenities (including more than 94 “f words), 22 profanities (including seven extreme profanities using GD or Jesus), references to diarrhea and feces, and at least three obscene gestures

Extreme, graphic, bloody violence throughout the movie includes Founding Fathers, British soldiers and Americans of both sexes and all ages have different body parts hacked, cut, shot, blown, and sawed off throughout the movie, and man threatens to eat another man’s bones

Short scene of man and woman having ridiculous, screaming sex (this is accompanied by random images of rockets taking off, geysers gushing, and other images, lots of sexual innuendo, man touches his lover’s breasts, men and women dance provocatively, wife offers husband a sexual favor, man crudely talks about self-abuse, strong multiple homosexual references and jokes, and man talks about other men being covered in semen

Upper female nudity in three scenes, rear female nudity in two scenes, some upper male nudity, men and women twerk and dance in revealing clothes, a scene includes multiple panty shots, several images of female cleavage, overweight man wears a speedo, picture of a woman in provocative clothing on a prison wall, and women wear lingerie in one scene

Alcohol Use:
A drunken party, Founding Fathers play beer pong (though no alcohol appears to be in the cups), man has a party with lots of immature frat-boy beer drinking, beer is shown and consumed many times, and beer rains from the sky

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No tobacco use, but snorting cocaine is mentioned and talked about as a good thing; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Very strong miscellaneous immorality includes Washington and Samuel Adams lie about giving land back to the Native Americans, strong themes of revenge, some jokes about the Second Amendment, and many of the American patriots (with the possible exceptions of Abe Lincoln, Paul Revere and George Washington at the end) are questionable role models.

More Detail:

AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE is an ultraviolent animated satire on Netflix about George Washington coming to his own as the leader of a new nation as he avenges the murder of his best friend, Abe Lincoln, and establishes America, with the help of Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Thomas Edison, Geronimo, and an African American blacksmith. AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE moves at a steady pace and has some fairly funny moments and some Christian, moral, patriotic, and pro-capitalist content, especially at the end, but they’re outweighed by the movie’s constant foul language, raunchy content, extreme violence, and strong satirical, irreverent politically correct attacks on America and the Founding Fathers.

The movie opens with most of the founding fathers playing beer pong to decide if “we the people” or “us rich white guys” will be used in the Declaration of Independence founding documents. Thomas Jefferson wants to use “Us rich white guys,” but he’s outvoted. Just as they sign Declaration, the British arrive, led by benedict Arnold, and brutally slaughter all the Founding Fathers present.

Cut to Washington spending time with Abe. The two are clearly great friends, though the movie hints at a homosexual relationship between them. Washington walks, talks and looks like an exaggerated frat bro jock, whereas Abe is presented in a way that’s more true to his legendary moniker “Honest Abe.” The two are attending the play OUR AMERICAN COUSIN VINNY at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. While they’re watching the Red, White, Blue Man Group perform, Benedict Arnold enters, turns into a werewolf and murders Abe Lincoln, leaving behind a grieving Washington. Bleeding profusely, a mortally wounded Abe makes George Washington promise to continue Abe’s dream of revolution and found a new nation called America.

George runs after Arnold’s carriage and tries to avenge Abe. After a bloody fight, Arnold escapes, and Washington goes to bed with his future wife, Martha, After fornicating, Martha urges George he needs a team to help him defeat the British. He recruits a list of characters with names known to anyone who remembers grade school civics class. While none of the characters approximate what we know about the real-life people they’re named after, perhaps the most shocking contrast comes when George recruits the famous “wizard” and “sorcerer,” Thomas Edison who, for some reason, is depicted as a short-haired Chinese woman. When they first meet, the British are trying to burn her at the stake for witchcraft, but the “witchcraft” is actually “science-craft.” Also, the charges against her are the scientific method of “creating a hypothesis, testing that hypothesis, and drawing conclusions that refine that hypothesis.”

George’s efforts to assemble a team lead him to find a horseman at a horse race in a scene that’s a satire of the street racing in the FAST AND FURIOUS movie franchise. While there are funny moments peppered throughout the movie, this scene is the only point in the movie where an entire scene is rather funny, as opposed to just a joke or punchline within the scene. While most of these references may go over the heads of viewers who aren’t familiar with the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise, fans of the franchise will enjoy it.

Once George gets his team together, they begin their mission to take down the British. There are twists, turns and jokes aplenty as the story unfolds. When the British kidnap Washington’s wife, and Benedict Arnold reveals his plan for world domination, Washington must find a way to stop them once and for all.

AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE has some fairly funny jokes. For example, there are the jokes about Thomas Edison, and dialogue where the American colonists repeatedly call the British “the fun police.” Also, the movie’s pacing is steady throughout the whole running time. However, although the movie’s ending restores some patriotic sentiments to the story, the beginning will make every patriotic citizen who loves America want to turn off his screen in the first five minutes. Furthermore, despite patriotic sentiments supporting freedom at the end, which includes a clever use of the Lynard Skynard rock anthem “Free Bird,” the movie shows the Americans begin the new country by attacking one another and fighting over slavery, women’s rights, land taken from American Indians, and the like. There’s also a homosexual man wants to know about getting comprehensive healthcare.

The positive content in AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE promotes friendship, perseverance, consistency, sacrifice, freedom, and unborn life. For example, George Washington wants to become a father, and Martha Washington encourages George not to give up. Also, in several scenes, George quotes some general moral or political lesson, then says “John 3:16.” He also prays to God and says, “In God, I trust.” Finally, a Christian Cross leads him in the right direction in one scene.

However, the positive content in AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE is heavily marred by nearly constant foul language, lots of crude sexual innuendoes, multiple homosexual references, extreme bloody violence, a celebration of drinking beer, and a cocaine reference. Also, the movie’s frequent crude content contains strong politically correct, racist, pro-homosexual content that mocks some American traditions and the Founding Fathers. For example, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln seem to have homosexual feelings for one another, and it’s implied that Sam Adams and his drunken male friends engage in homosexual acts when they’re together. Finally, despite the movie’s brief Christian content, the British forces call King James “our Lord and Savior” two or three times. This joke is clearly meant to mock the King James Bible, which is one of the greatest cultural and literary achievements in English history. Also, when a homosexual man says he wants to marry his boyfriend, a stern old woman smacks him with a Bible and says, “Sinner!” The filmmakers clearly think all the negative satire is funny and not to be taken too seriously. Ultimately, however, the obscene, politically correct and raunchy content in AMERICA: THE MOTION PICTURE is abhorrent and unacceptable.