What You Need To Know:

AUDACITY is a movie that explores how Christians can minister and witness to others about the touchy subject of homosexuality. The story spans a few weeks in the life of Peter, a Born Again Christian, as he interacts with various people in his everyday life around the Los Angeles area. The audience follows him as he grows in his own faith and witnesses to others. Real-life interviews by Ray Comfort with people on the street complement Peter’s story.

What’s impressive about AUDACITY is that Peter doesn’t start out knowing all the answers to every question asked of him. He learns as he goes along, just like the viewers do! This lends the movie a lot of merit and charm. A couple scenes seem a little contrived, and the real-life interviews make AUDACITY a weird combination of part-documentary and part-drama. However, AUDACITY’s strong Christian, biblical worldview will give mature teenagers and adults insightful ways to share the Gospel effectively with the average person on the street. Caution is advised for younger audiences because of the homosexual themes and some violence.


(CCC, BBB, Ho, FR, H, Pa, V, S, A, M) Strong Christian worldview in which a born again Christian aims to build relationships and encourage others in their faiths as they struggle with homosexuality, with some false humanist, pagan elements when people are interviewed who believe that ‘all love is love’ and that people can do whatever they want with no consequences; no foul language; man with a gun attempts to rob a gas station and points the gun at multiple people but the police apprehend him, a window is broken, and a blunt object is used to hit someone on the head; a chief plot point in the movie is the topic of homosexuality although no acts are committed besides homosexual hand-holding; there is no nudity; alcohol is shown on a bar although it is never drunk, the protagonist makes it a point that he chooses other non-alcoholic drinks; no smoking or drug use; and, some may be offended by stereotypical voice impressions done by a comedian and miscellaneous immoral acts are discussed.

More Detail:

AUDACITY is the new movie from Christian Apologist Ray Comfort that tackles the complex topic in today’s culture: homosexuality. It bolsters a very strong Christian, biblical worldview that is both real and empowering for any Christian who finds himself in a discussion concerning this issue.

AUDACITY begins with the leading lady, Diana (Molly Ritter), discussing a young man she’s met at work who sticks out to her. The young man is none other than Peter (Travis Owens), a Born Again Christian and bike messenger for the company where Diana works. Peter finds himself in deep discussions with various people about how Christians view the topic of homosexuality as well as how a Christian should treat people who “choose a homosexual lifestyle.”

What’s impressive with the new Christian DVD is that Peter doesn’t start out knowing all of the answers to every question asked of him. He learns as he goes along, just like the viewers do! Like many people, Peter is just starting out with his faith, but, through his many discussions with others, slowly learns how to correctly respond. Many of his early conversations are awkward, just as they are in real life, and this gives the movie merit and charm. Peter builds relationships first. Then, when the other person feels respected, he begins to discuss what he’s learning from God’s Word. His method is a great way to approach any sort of ministry.

Some of the key plot points feel a little contrived, such as a scene where Peter saves a gas station full of people from a burglar. However, there is usually adequate foreshadowing, which keeps the situations from feeling completely out of nowhere. While Travis Owens absolutely shines as Peter, a sense of over-acting can be felt from Molly Ritter early in the movie.

During the movie, characters are shown various videos of Ray Comfort, the writer and producer of the movie, spontaneously interviewing various people on the street about their opinions on homosexuality. The movie insists that these interviews are completely unscripted and real. If so, they are incredible. During the interviews, Ray logically uses the Bible to present Christ’s message of saving grace. He effectively convinces the various people of his “side” of the argument. The people even thank him for being a respectful voice for Christians, expecting at first that he was just another “Bible thumper.”

That said, the instances of Ray Comfort’s ministry clash with the fictional narrative of AUDACITY. This makes the movie feel as though it’s half-documentary and half-drama.

AUDACITY is a new experiment of Ray Comfort’s, this being his first “scripted short movie,” as opposed to just a documentary. The movie will be available for paid download on June 24 (at www.AudacityMovie.com), as well as on YouTube for free in the future. Also, the movie includes a new single from Kevin Click called “Love Can’t Stay Silent.”

AUDACITY is designed for teenagers and adults, especially those interested in how they can effectively witness to others about homosexuality and Christ’s Gospel in general. Caution is advised for younger audiences because of the homosexual themes touched upon as well as some minimal violence, which includes a couple scary scenes. The strong Christian and biblical worldview explored in AUDACITY can equip anyone with the right tools in their “apologetic tool box.”