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What You Need To Know:

Pamela Anderson Lee of BAYWATCH fame is BARB WIRE. Playing a comic book anti-hero, the movie is a boring mess of leather, rock music, violence, and bare bodies. This movie only serves as adolescent fantasy fodder. Moral Americans will have no desire to feel its sting.


(Pa, LLL, VVV, SS, NN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview of mercenary who is loyal to no one; 21 obscenities & 7 profanities; extensive constant violence including man hit with blow-gun dart, beatings, shootings, neck breaking, arm breaking, explosions, torture, & images of corpses; implied prostitution, implied pornography use & many sexual references & innuendo; upper female nudity, cleavage & revealing clothing; alcohol use; smoking; and, betrayal & corrupt martial law

More Detail:

Pamela Anderson Lee is the pin-up girl of the 90’s. Her feature film debut, BARB WIRE, will only gather fans on the fringe of society. She is a kitten with a handgun and an attitude, making money from the underbelly of a futuristic society. The year is 2017. The United States is undergoing a second Civil War. Military leaders called The Congressionals have imposed martial law on every city but one: Steel Town. Barb runs a noisy rock-and-roll dance club which serves as a meeting place for her bounty hunter deals. Her most recent job involves picking up a man named Krebs, with altered retinas. (Criminal identification is now made by reading retinas with a hi-tech scanner.) Barb pulls off the job, but The Congressionals show up and start pulling dirty deals in a quest to find those retinas.

BARB WIRE is a dark, jumbled, boring comic book story. No character or situation is adequately explained. Pamela Anderson Lee shows off her upper attributes continually, and violence runs amuck. If filmmakers insist on creating a vehicle where the star periodically takes off her top, then the only money it will earn is from teenagers who sneak out of their houses and into the theaters. There might as well be BARBED WIRE across the entrance to the theater because moral Americans will have no desire to feel its sting.