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What You Need To Know:

The animated Japanese film THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR takes place after a nuclear holocaust when the hero Ken, the Fist of the North Star--a Christ-like figure, comes to earth to help bring law and order back. The film is well crafted with good pacing, although the melodramatic dialogue is sub-standard, especially in the scenes where Julia, Ken's girlfriend, bewails her fate.


(LL, VVV, NN) Foul language, extreme violence and brief, gratuitous animated nudity.

More Detail:

The animated Japanese film FIST OF THE NORTH STAR is an “epic assault on the senses” which takes place after a nuclear war that has destroyed civilization. The few survivors, huddling in the ruins, are preyed upon by outlaw bikers, powerful mutants and dictators. Ken, the top student of the “North Star” technique of martial-arts, is chosen by the elderly master to reestablish peace, which makes him the target of two fellow students, as well as of Shin, the top student of the rival Southern Cross school, who lusts after Ken’s fiancee, Julia. Shin takes advantage of Ken’s commitment to peace by punching his emblem into Ken’s chest and then takes Julia. Ken survives and begins to fight back. Thus, fists fly, blood spurts, bones shatter, heads explode, and skyscrapers crumble. Although the “peaceful” reign of Ken is established, it is only a matter of time until another struggle ensues.

Popular on college campuses, THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR propounds an unusual mix of aberrant Christian ideas combined with Buddhism. The animated characters are homogenized, Western types. The movie is well crafted, although the melodramatic dialogue is sub-standard, especially in the scenes where Julia bewails her fate.

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