What You Need To Know:

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is the much anticipated new film project by current Hollywood wonderboy writer, Quintin Tarantino, and his prodigy, director Robert Rodrigeuz. Staring TV's heart-throb George Clooney, it is about two brothers who fight vampires in Mexico. It is very violent, very gross, very foul-mouthed, and very tasteless.


(OO, C, LLL, VVV, SS, NNN, A, D, M) Occultic worldview showcasing the power of vampires with mild christian worldview showing the overcoming power of Christ; 131 obscenities, 8 profanities & extremely graphic talk advertising a strip club; extensive, gory & bloody violence including several point blank shootings, man shot through hand, beatings, punching, kicking, threats with guns, explosions, & extensive violence against vampires including stakes through heart, melting with holy water, ripping hearts out of chests, neck breaking, impaling, burning, dismemberment, decapitation, etc., lingering shots of corpses, & instruments made out of human body parts; no intercourse but extensive scenes in strip club of sexual dancing, sexual suggestiveness, & sexual talk; extensive full female nudity in strip club but no genitalia; alcohol use & abuse; smoking; and, stealing, lying & kidnapping

More Detail:

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN is the anticipated new film by Quintin Tarantino and his prodigy, Robert Rodrigeuz. The movie starts out with brothers, Richard and Seth holding up a liquor store. The two then meet up with Jacob Fuller and his two children. Jacob is taking his children on a cross-country American trip in his RV. The brothers kidnap the family and force them at gunpoint to take them across the Texas-Mexico border. Jacob does this successfully, and all of them arrive at a seedy, out-of-the-way strip club. Shortly after they sit down, almost everyone in the bar turns into a vampire. Human casualties mount up, and a grand-finale gore fest involves a mass killing of vampires through every means possible.

Needless to say, this movie is not for the squeamish. Even Tarantino fans who enjoyed his dialogue in PULP FICTION may be disappointed with this movie. The conversations are lack-luster. Harvey Keitel does well as a fallen minister who turns back to God, but that’s not enough to redeem the movie. It is very violent, very gross, very foul-mouthed, and very tasteless. To be truthful, Tarantino makes the types of movies that at one time, were relegated to dirty gas stations and convenience stores, much like the locations in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN.