What You Need To Know:

HACKERS, the movie, highlights a group of cool, counter-culture high school hackers caught up in computer crime and crime fighting. When a computer security officer starts to siphon off corporate money into his own account, a group of high school hackers surf the web to stop him. The film delivers a "little guy against the world mentality" that seems to get you on the side of those who are actually doing what they shouldn't -- electronic crime.


(NA, B, LLL, V, SS, NN, A, B, M) Pagan worldview celebrating computer crime with moral conclusion; 35 obscenities (mostly mild) & 3 blasphemies; action violence including raids with guns & car chases; two brief promiscuous love scenes in dream sequences, heavy kissing, pornography use suggested, & talk of sex; brief upper female nudity & brief male rear nudity; alcohol use & smoking; positive reference to the Bible; and, computer thievery

More Detail:

In HACKERS, Dade is a high-school senior who has just moved to Manhattan. When he was 11, he had his computer taken away from him because he single-handedly crashed 1,507 Wall Street computers. Now 18, he has his computer back and a lot of catching up to do. In school, he quickly finds a group of like-minded gear heads. One friend has found some information on a computer security agent named the Plague who is double-crossing his company. When the Plague finds out that the hackers surfed in his territory, he sets up a scheme to frame them by making them appear to be terrorists. The hackers of the world unite to thwart the Plague and cut him off at the electronic pass.

The producers do quite a good job at delivering an entertaining intriguing film without a lot of violence, or excessive wrongdoing, but erotic dream sequences, plus the secret service busting into homes with guns could be disturbing to some viewers. Plus, these children drink, smoke and occasionally swear. (On a moral note, Dade admits to his mother that he is a virgin, and Cereal quotes the Bible one-time in a positive light.) Yet, the primary objection to this movie is that it seems to get you on the side of those who are actually doing what they shouldn’t — electronic crime. Though the HACKERS foil a crime in the end, they practice it all the way through the movie.