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HAPPY ENDINGS stars Lisa Kudrow as Mamie, an unhappy abortion clinic counselor who secretly gave up her baby for adoption. Twenty years after the birth, Mamie is having an affair with Javier. Her step-brother, Charley, the baby's father, doesn't know that she had the baby and has become homosexual. He is in a complicated friendship with two lesbians and his own boyfriend. Otis, a young man who works in Charley and Mamie's inherited restaurant, brings home a female singer named Jude as a potential member of his rock band. Jude, however, is more interested in Otis's rich father. Finally, Mamie's secret is in danger of being revealed by an unkempt, would-be student filmmaker looking for a sensational subject to film.

HAPPY ENDINGS is a low-budget adult comedy with some clever writing and directing, but, in the end, the story consumes itself. Uneven acting doesn't help, nor does the politically correct pagan worldview that dominates the stories. The writer slash director washes all this abhorrent content down with a comical, satirical tone. His spoonful of sugar ends in a hackneyed, politically correct scene where the characters gather at a wedding for two of them.


(PaPaPa, PCPCPC, HoHoHo, FR, Cap, ACap, LLL, VV, SSS, NN, AA, DD, MMM) Very strong pagan worldview with very strong politically correct elements, including very strong pro-homosexual elements, pro-abortion sentiments, anti-traditional family values elements, pro-birth control message, a tolerant attitude toward sexual promiscuity, and false religious element where a crucifix becomes a symbol, as well as some capitalist elements but woman makes anti-capitalist comment about rich people; at least 54 mostly strong obscenities, seven strong profanities, 22 light profanities, young man passes gas, and young man urinates out of sight; brief strong violence when car hits woman, and she is shown lying bloody and unconscious on the ground and scene is repeated, and some light violence, such as slapping; very strong sexual elements include depicted homosexual kissing, two men kissing lie down on floor kissing in embrace, homosexual masturbation to video of man with his shirt off, implied porn viewing, depicted fornication in one scene, much implied fornication, sexual cheating, implied sexual massages, at least two seduction scenes, pregnancies out of wedlock, light discussion of homosexually active couples using sperm donations, etc.; brief upper female nudity and some upper male nudity; alcohol use and drunkenness; smoking and brief marijuana use; and, lying, two strong blackmail plots, breaking and entering (B&E), stealing, pro-birth control comments and message, pro-abortion comments and message, cheating, movie sympathizes with illegal immigration, etc.

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HAPPY ENDINGS is a low-budget adult comedy with some clever writing and directing, but, in the end, the story consumes itself. Uneven acting doesn’t help matters much, nor does the politically correct pagan worldview, which becomes tiresome.

Lisa Kudrow of TV’s FRIENDS stars in the movie as Mamie, a troubled, unhappy abortion clinic counselor. The movie opens with a distraught Mamie running through some suburban streets and getting hit by a car. The movie then tells the events leading up to this situation, including the situations of characters indirectly involved.

Twenty years ago, Mamie seduced her new step-brother, Charley, and became pregnant. She left town to get an abortion and now works as a counselor, supposedly making sure that the women deciding their babies’ fates are happy with their final decisions.

Their two step-parents dead, Charley now runs one of his father’s restaurants they both inherited. Charley is in a complicated friendship with two lesbians, their sperm baby, Max, and Charley’s own homosexual boyfriend, Gil. Working in Charley’s restaurant as a karaoke announcer is 22-year-old virgin Otis, who has the hots for his boss. Otis invites a well-received karaoke singer, Jude, to become his rock band’s lead female singer. Although Jude seduces Otis, she has designs on his rich father, Frank. Jude blackmails Otis into going along with her plan.

Meanwhile, Mamie is having a hot affair with Javier, a Latin masseuse. One day, an unkempt, would-be film student, Nicky, blackmails Mamie into helping him make a movie to get a highly competitive student scholarship. Nicky informs Mamie that he knows the identity of Mamie and Charley’s son, the intended abortion victim who Mamie secretly decided to put up for adoption instead. Nicky wants to make a documentary of Mamie’s reunion with her son, but she and Javier convince Nicky to make a documentary about Javier’s non-existent sex massage business instead.

All of these stories come to a comical climax that’s at times disturbing and sometimes sad.

The title to this movie has a sexual meaning that the script makes clear to the audience. This reflects the movie’s very strong pagan worldview, as well as its politically correct attitudes toward abortion, homosexual behavior, family, illegal immigration, and sexual promiscuity. The writer and director washes all of this abhorrent content down with a comical, satirical tone. His spoonful of sugar ends in a hackneyed, politically correct scene where most of the characters happily gather at the wedding for two of the characters.

Like one of the writer/director’s previous efforts, HAPPY ENDINGS seems like just an excuse to push a pro-homosexual, politically correct agenda. Regrettably, the attitudes expressed in his movie represent the beliefs of all too many American citizens, including many political and religious leaders and teachers. Don’t let your family be brainwashed by these evil attitudes.

Quality: - Content: +1
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