(B, LLL, VV, S, N, M) Moral worldview where major theme is taking care of family; 44 obscenities (many more "beeped" out when shown on broadcast TV), 7 profanities, rude remarks, & threats ; moderate slapstick violence including falling, hockey fights, getting hit with golf balls, man fights alligator, falling objects, shoving, man hit with baseballs, & fist fighting; some mild sex talk, implied fornication & fantasizing; brief rear male nudity, cleavage & woman in lingerie; and pride

More Detail:

HAPPY GILMORE is a happy comedy from Saturday Night Live alumni Adam Sandler. Happy is a hockey player who can’t skate and can’t pass but has a mean slap shot. He doesn’t make the team, his girlfriend leaves him, and his grandmother is getting kicked out of her house. He needs $250,000 in 90 days or her house is gone. On a bet, Happy learns he can drive a golf ball 400 yards. He is trained by an old golf pro and joins a match. Happy comes in last, but is able to make a little money for his Grandmother. Happy joins other matches, getting a little better and making a little more money each time. He is becoming a media darling, with crazed hockey antics on the greens, superlong drives and a visible rivalry with the number one pro named Shooter. The movie concludes with Happy and Shooter, shooting it out for Grandma’s home.

HAPPY GILMORE is a juvenile comedy. It has lots of slapstick violence, some sexual innuendo and a good helping of foul language. Among silly comedies, HAPPY GILMORE takes the high road thematically and makes the protagonist’s conflict a noble fight. He is fighting for his Grandmother and her home. The mood is usually light and never mean-spirited. There are no new lows explored in tastelessness in the film. HAPPY GILMORE is a likeable comedy, but it does have some of the usual offensive elements of modern comedies.

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