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Less than 5 obscenities, 1 or 2 profanities, slapstick violence, and breaking and entering.

More Detail:

“Wow! I made my family disappear!” exclaims 8-year-old Kevin upon awakening a few days before Christmas and discovering his family gone. Precocious and energetic, Kevin exults over his family’s disappearance, since each one berated him the night before by calling him a “jerk.” For once, Kevin can be in charge and not have to answer to anyone but himself.

Kevin’s family has, in fact, gone to Paris for a Christmas holiday and, upon arriving, discovers Kevin missing. His Mom tries frantically to change her airline ticket, but all flights are full. After a day or so, however, she is able to get passage to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Later, she enjoys a hilarious U-Haul truck ride back home with a polka band.

In the meanwhile, Kevin is relishing his new-found freedom. Finding his brother’s hidden money, he promptly goes shopping, stocking up on microwave dinners, junk food and laundry detergent. Back home, he does the laundry, says “grace” and then eats a macaroni and cheese dinner by candlelight. Later, he loads up on junk food watching TV.

When he overhears burglars planning to break into what they think is an empty house on Christmas Eve, Kevin states matter-of-factly to himself: “I’m the man of this house and I’ll defend my house!” Thus, he plans his battle strategy and prepares with such things as pouring water on the side walks so they’ll freeze over, wiring the front door knob so it will be red-hot and setting up an array of tiny, metal soldiers on the floor to trip the burglars.

Everything in place, Kevin goes to a carol service at a nearby church, then returns home before nine o’clock, the scheduled time of the break-in, and checks his fortifications. When the burglars arrive, Kevin is ready and goes into action: they slip and fall, one burns his hands, the other loses his shoes, and, shortly, because of the mayhem, they both have second thoughts about the robbery.

HOME ALONE is a delightful movie with good acting, an intriguing plot and a generous supply of humor. There is a minimum of bad language and a very slight sexual innuendo. However, some people will be upset at the slapstick violence and the cartoonish pain inflicted on the bad guys as Kevin defends his home.

On the other hand, HOME ALONE has a strong message of reconciliation and portrays a fairly close-knit family. Furthermore, Kevin appears to be in the habit of attending church. Best of all, Kevin learns from his experience. He learns not to be afraid and to be thankful for his family.

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