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What You Need To Know:

There's no place like HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS--or is there? Claudia Larson thinks it can't get much worse, until she goes home for Thanksgiving and finds her family fighting about her brother's homosexuality. The movie has some funny moments, but is marred by foul language, a mediocre script and a lack of moral fiber.


(H, Ho, LLL, Ab, D, M) Humanist worldview with some moral messages about the importance of family but compromised by a pro-homosexual agenda; 34 profanities & 15 obscenities; Thanksgiving prayer taken lightly; and, smoking.

More Detail:

There’s no place like HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS — or, is there? Claudia Larson (Holly Hunter) thinks things can’t get much worse. She gets fired from her job and has an awful cold. However, it is Thanksgiving, and she is going home to see her family in Baltimore. To get there, she has to go by plane, which she dreads. Regrettably, Thanksgiving ends in a fight between Claudia’s sister’s family and her homosexual brother, Tommy. Claudia tries to make peace with her sister later that night, but she has no success. However, there is one bright spot — Tommy’s friend Leo makes it known that he finds her to be quite irresistible. They decide to give a shot at romance.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS deals with those times during the year when families get together. Even though they might not get along, they still have those family dinners year after year because of tradition. The movie has some funny moments, but is marred by foul language and a mediocre script. The story shows how people can talk to each other, but not really listen. Jodie Foster’s directing is first-rate. Regrettably, the story doesn’t have the moral fiber which is the essence of a good, entertaining movie like FATHER OF THE BRIDE II. Therefore, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS never rises above mediocrity. She brings all the characters into the light, giving us a look at each of their idiosyncrasies. Even so, it can’t rise above a level of mediocrity – like a turkey dinner that doesn’t sit well.