What You Need To Know:

In HONEYMOON IN VEGAS, Jack Singer and Betsy travel to Vegas for a quick wedding, but millionaire card-shark Tommy Corman tries to steal Betsy. HONEYMOON IN VEGAS has a predictable happy ending, but ridicules marriage and presents Jack and Betsy's premarital sexual relationship as unsatisfying but normal and acceptable.


(LL, S, M) approx. 10 obscenities & 7 profanities; premarital sexual relationship, adulterous couples lewdly groping one another & poker game used to manipulate a romantic situation; institution of marriage stereotyped as hopeless and devoid of romance; and, slinky and suggestive outfits.

More Detail:

In HONEYMOON IN VEGAS, Jack Singer (Nicholas Cage) has a problem: his fiancee Betsy wants to get married, but Jack’s deathbed promise to his mother (to avoid marriage) and his chosen line of work (as a private eye who trails spouses) have paralyzed him. Realizing he is losing Betsy, Jack spirits her away to Las Vegas for a painless wedding. Unfortunately, their plans are complicated by millionaire Tommy Corman, who is transfixed by Betsy’s resemblance to his late wife. He invites Jack to a poker game and takes him for $64,000. Then, he offers Jack the option that he could be let off the hook if he let Corman have Betsy for the weekend–just for companionship. Corman then takes his plan to another level by taking Betsy to Hawaii. This drives Jack nuts and leads to a comical cross-country pursuit.

HONEYMOON IN VEGAS has a predictable happy ending, but from beginning to end it ridicules marriage. To its credit, HONEYMOON IN VEGAS does show that Jack and Betsy’s relationship is unsatisfying as they remain unmarried. Unfortunately, Jack and Betsy’s sexual relationship is presented without apology, as if it were normal and inevitable. Don’t mistake HONEYMOON IN VEGAS for a family movie.