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I ORIGINS is a science fiction drama about the interface between science and spirituality. The story follows a molecular biologist, Ian, who falls in love with a mysterious woman named Sofi. Sadly, a terrible tragedy occurs, and Sofi dies in an awful way. Several years pass, and Ian is working with his pregnant wife, Karen, in a study on the evolution of the human eye. When they discover their newborn son might be autistic, they engage in further study that may lead to a confirmation of reincarnation.

I ORIGINS is an entertaining movie with a provocative storyline. The acting and cinematography are particularly good, but the story becomes a bit predictable. Sadly, the movie also eventually endorses the false Eastern theology of reincarnation, even though the characters use science to confirm a supernatural world. It also contains some foul language, lewd content and brief explicit nudity. So, MOVIEGUIDE® believes I ORIGINS to be unacceptable viewing for media-wise audiences. That said, I ORIGINS presents a great opportunity for Christians to speak out against the Anti-Christian, irrational heresies of other religions, including reincarnation.


(PaPaPa, FRFRFR, B, C, HH, EvEv, LL, V, SS, NN, AA, D, M) Very strong pagan worldview endorsing Hinduism and reincarnation by the movie’s end, with humanist scientist studying evolution converting, but some talk about God designing the universe is mentioned in a few scenes; about 11 obscenities and profanities; no actual depicted violence, but in one scene there is blood after a main character is cut in half by a malfunctioning elevator; several scenes of depicted and implied fornication and one scene of self abuse; upper female nudity in one scene and shots of upper male nudity; light use and abuse of alcohol, with a party scene were college-age adults are drinking and a main character is drunk; smoking but not illegal drugs; and, some miscellaneous immorality.

More Detail:

I ORIGINS is an entertaining, provocative science fiction drama dealing with spiritual issues. Although the worldview endorses the supernatural, it also endorses reincarnation, a false Eastern philosophy.

Dr. Ian Gray is a molecular biologist. He and his research partner, Karen, are studying the “evolution” of the human eye. At a late-night Halloween party, during his college years, Ian encounters and meets a shadowy masked woman with marvelous eyes with whom he has a brief sexual encounter. After their encounter, she vanishes before she can reveal her name. After some investigation and a series of extraordinary coincidences, Ian is directed back to this young, mysterious masked woman, whose name he discovers is Sofi.

Shortly after they officially meet, Ian and Sofi begin a romantic relationship and fall in love. During their courtship, Ian discovers Sofi is a passionate believer of Eastern spirituality. Sofi’s spiritual beliefs are concerning to Ian because of his scientific knowledge and background, but it doesn’t discourage him from continuing their relationship and wanting to marry her.

During the day that’s supposed to be their wedding day, Sofi suddenly dies after she’s cut in half by a malfunctioning elevator. Ian heavily grieves her death.

Several years pass, and Dr. Ian Gray has a successful career in molecular biology and has married his research partner, Karen, who’s expecting their first child. After the birth of their son, their son undergoes a study to detect autism. This leads Ian and wife Karen to investigate the study’s credibility. Eventually, they discover a connection between science and the supernatural that has far-reaching effects on people’s beliefs, and even change society.

I ORIGINS undoubtedly contains a pagan worldview, specifically Hinduism and reincarnation. Although there are elements of humanism and an evolutionary worldview displayed by the protagonist, these elements and worldviews are ultimately used to support spiritualism, the supernatural and religious beliefs. Ian’s humanist efforts (such as his study of the evolution of the human eye) lead him to pagan conclusions about religion and reincarnation.

Despite the movie’s undeniable presentation of paganism, I ORIGINS does mention God (the intelligent designer and creator), spirituality and the supernatural. The movie seeks to discover the meaning of life, which can be found in God, spirituality and the supernatural. From a Christian theological perspective, this supports the concept that humans are inherently designed by God to believe in the supernatural. The words of C.S. Lewis summarize this idea: “If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” Of course, in this movie, this idea is distorted by paganism (Hinduism and reincarnation), so viewer discretion is advised. Christians should be careful not to let such pagan beliefs distort their Christian theology.

Although I ORIGINS contains a heavy pagan worldview, the movie is fairly pleasing and entertaining. Most of its high quality stems from the acting, cinematography and the way the story is constructed.

The acting performances, especially Michael Pitt’s, are excellent. His performance convinces the audience of his character’s passionate atheism, his quest to disprove religious beliefs, the pain he feels after Sofi dies, and his powerful “conversion” at the end of the movie. Pitt’s excellent performance takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster that causes the viewer to sympathize with his character.

The brilliant cinematography contributes to the overall aesthetic value of I ORIGINS. There are certain moments in the movie captured by the camera that evoke a particular emotion in the audience. For example, the scene when Sofi is joyfully swirling, dancing and parading in slow motion as she heads to the courthouse to get married to Ian is engaging. The audience feels Sofi’s happiness and knows that this beautiful moment is only significant because it’s captured in slow motion.

Overall, the plot and plotline of I ORIGINS are enticing, but, sadly enough, they are predictable. Early in the movie, the audience becomes aware that the movie is advocating spirituality. Consequently, as soon as Sofi dies, the audience knows that somewhere toward the end Ian will have some sort of spiritual encounter. This ruins and interrupts the dramatic direction that the movie tries to take. This also causes the audience to become disinterested, tune out and stop expecting the unexpected. Nonetheless, the story, although distorted by a pagan worldview, of an atheist becoming a believer in the supernatural is beautifully told.

Overall, I ORIGINS is a profound movie that contains a heavy pagan worldview and a distorted perspective on spirituality. So, Christians must be careful not to follow the movie’s pagan theology, but rather be discerning and able to speak reasonably about the heresies contained in other religions.

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