"Forgiveness Overcomes Broken Relationships in East Los Angeles"


What You Need To Know:

LOWRIDERS tells the story of a Hispanic teenager, Gabriel, who desires to turn his passion for graffiti art into something that can make a name for himself in the Hispanic community and help his family. After Gabriel’s older brother, Francisco, is released from prison, the family dynamics shift. Francisco is hurt that their father refused to speak to him during the seven years he was imprisoned. Gabriel sides with his brother, who supports his love for drawing, unlike their father. Francisco gives Gabriel a chance to draw on his lowrider cars for a big community competition.

LOWRIDERS tries to give a true depiction about the Hispanic community in Los Angeles and its passion for lowrider cars. The flashy cars, action violence and suspenseful police chases provide some entertaining moments, but the story has major flaws. An excessive use of voiceover to explain pivotal moments, some cheesy dialogue and confusing family relationships make LOWRIDERS a forgettable movie. LOWRIDERS has a strong moral worldview with positive Christian references stressing forgiveness, but it’s marred by foul language, sexual situations, marijuana use, and other immoral behavior.


(BB, CC, FR, LLL, VV, SS, NN, AA, DD, MM) Strong moral worldview where main characters desire love from family and achieve it through forgiveness, father gives up alcohol and is honest with his sons about his mistakes, son forgives father for never visiting him in prison, another son forgives father for being absent in his life with supporting Christian elements stressing Christian principles, including family prays before dinner, boy wears a cross around his neck, and boy bows his head in a prayer position at his mother’s grave, but Protestants may be concerned that Hispanic community prays to the Virgin Mary instead of to Jesus; 17 obscenities (including one “f” word) and three light profanities; moderate violence with some bloodshed includes brothers push each other to the ground and punch each other, friend punches and kicks older man in the face, some gun violence, blood spills from father’s chest when he’s shot; depicted sexual promiscuity, high schools youth kiss and cuddle, implied sexual fornication, high school teenagers sleep naked in the same bed, brother’s girlfriend wears revealing clothing (exposed midriff and short shorts) to catch his attention, boy draws a picture of his partially naked girlfriend for all to see; exposed woman’s breast in bed with her boyfriend, boy draws a picture of his partially naked girlfriend, exposed woman’s back in bed; alcohol abuse, father comes home drunk one night, teenagers drink wine casually at an art show, and implied alcoholism as a voiceover tells viewers protagonist’s father was an alcoholic for seven years; no smoking but illegal drug use includes brothers smoke marijuana and friends smoke marijuana at party; and, strong miscellaneous immorality includes stealing, revenge, vandalism, bad role models, and protagonist has a dysfunctional family, including sons are estranged from their father because of the past.

More Detail:

LOWRIDERS is a story about a Hispanic family East Los Angeles. It highlights the way of life, culture norms and strong influence of lowrider cars in the community. Gabriel, the main characters, spends his days skate boarding, smoking marijuana and eating tacos with his friends at late night stands, but his real passion is graffiti art and tagging. He lives for the next illegal place he can showcase his impersonal art of women’s faces. His father, a successful car mechanic, wants him to work at his shop, but Gabriel longs to be an artist.

One night after clubbing with friends, Gabriel meets a hipster photographer girl. He gets her number and makes plans to meet her the next day. She takes him to an art gallery and shows him some of her work. In turn, he takes her to see his work, displayed on the side of a building only visible on a roof top. She encourages Gabriel to draw in places people can see and try to get his work in a gallery.

Meanwhile, Gabriel’s brother, Francisco, is released from prison after completing a seven-year sentence. The family calls him “Ghost” because the father has refused to talk about him since his sentence. After he’s released, Francisco informs Gabriel how hurt he was that their father never came to see him and what a terrible father he was during the years their mother was sick. Gabriel and Francisco’s father was an alcoholic during their mother’s illness. After her death, he remarried, had another child and got sober, but the sons can’t forget the pain of the past.

Gabriel decides to live with Francisco, who encourages him to think for himself. He supports Gabriel’s art and asks him to draw on his lowrider car for an upcoming car competition. Gabriel draws a head-turning mural of his half-naked girlfriend. Although his is only a teenager, Gabriel begins sleeping with his girlfriend and avoiding his father.

At the competition, the judges decides their father, Miguel, has the best car in the show. Gabriel goes to congratulate their father, but Francisco forbids him to talk with him. Gabriel, the more forgiving brother, reminds Francisco that Miguel is still their dad and walks away.

Gabriel and Francisco begin to stray from one another as Gabriel watches his brother fall into the illegal activity that landed him in jail in the first place. That night, Francisco orders his Hispanic friends to set his father’s car on fire. During the raid, one of the friends shoots his father in the heart.

Will the father live? Will the sons reconcile with their father?

LOWRIDERS ties to give a true depiction of the Hispanic community in LA and the culture of lowrider cars. Through flashy car shows, action violence and a few suspenseful police chases it’s an entertaining movie, but the story has major flaws. The excessive use of voiceover to explain pivotal moments, some cheesy dialogue and confusing family relationships make LOWRIDERS a fairly forgettable movie. Although it has a strong moral worldview with some positive Christian references stressing forgiveness, extreme caution is advised because of some foul language, sexual situations, marijuana use, and other immoral behavior and objectionable content.

Quality: - Content: +4
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