"Lucy in the Stars With Drugs and Pretension"

What You Need To Know:

French Director Luc Besson brings his latest action thriller LUCY to the big screen, along with his ill informed, drug induced, Gnostic musings, complete with pseudoscience. Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson is a young woman who’s forced to be a drug mule by some Chinese mobsters who place an extremely potent drug in her abdomen. The drugs leak into Lucy’s blood stream, which boosts her intellect and brain usage. As her mind expands, she becomes more powerful. By the time Lucy starts using 100 percent of her brain, she’s become almost god-like. She also becomes more violent and merciless.

LUCY is heavy on the action, but, ironically, low on intelligence. The goofy use of documentary style nature footage of animals falls flat. The movie’s hopeless worldview is neither compelling nor logical. The movie states that the only purpose of life is passing on knowledge, but Lucy’s intelligence doesn’t help her become a better person. At one point, Lucy mentions she’s losing her feelings, such as fear, love, and compassion. This abhorrent movie has extreme violence, so media-wise moviegoers will want to avoid LUCY.


(PaPaPa, EvEvEv, FRFRFR, B, L, VVV, S, N, A, DDD, MM) Very strong Gnostic, drug-induced, evolutionary worldview, based on what appears to be the ultimate acid (LSD) trip, where the only thing of value in life is knowledge, that keeps referring to evolution and the heroine eventually becomes the “I AM” who is everywhere, controlling everything, which doesn’t seem to improve life for anybody, with one prayer to God from main character before she is transformed; seven obscenities and one profanity; extreme violence, with lots of execution style shootings, knifings, torture, cutting people open to insert drug bags to smuggle, shooting a patient in a hospital, massive gun fights, massive car chases with accidents, splattering blood all over the place, woman's teeth fall out, woman's fingernails fall off, decomposition, documentary footage of animals attacking and eating other animals; overt offers of sex, kissing, woman uses her body to manipulate people, but nothing overt happens; very skimpy costumes, female cleavage, upper male nudity, rear female “almost” nudity; moderate drinking; smoking and plot revolves around taking a hallucinogenic drug that boosts one’s brain use; and, commendation of Charles Darwin, lectures on evolution, false information that we only use 10% of our brain, pseudoscience, nihilistic ending, racial stereotyping of Chinese people by making them all bad guys.

More Detail:

French filmmaker Luc Besson always seems to be wrestling with philosophical issues. Unfortunately, he’s brought his ill-informed, drug induced, gnostic musings, complete with pseudoscience, to the big screen with LUCY, starring Scarlett Johansson. Besson is commended for making his vision his movie, but beyond that, his vision is a mess.

The movie opens with Lucy being manipulated by Richard in some Chinese town to deliver a small silver briefcase. Lucy resists while trying to recover her moral perspective. Richard handcuffs the briefcase to Lucy and pushes her inside the hotel.

With fear and trembling, Lucy asks for Mr. Jang. When he shows up with his army of goons, Director Luc Besson starts inserting documentary nature footage of an antelope being attacked by cheetahs. Clearly, Lucy is the antelope, and the villains are the cheetahs stalking their prey. Besson also introduces the supposedly first primate humanoid, the one which evolutionists long ago labeled “Lucy.”

Meanwhile at some point, the movie states that the world is billions of years old. This flipping back and forth between documentary footage of a mouse getting caught in a mousetrap and the dramatic movie creates a very goofy feel. The audience doesn’t need nature documentaries to tell us that Chinese villains are coming after Lucy.

Back at the hotel, the evil Chinese shoot Richard through the door. Then, they drag Lucy up to the hotel room where everything is splattered with blood, and corpses are seen lying around the bedroom. Lucy is ordered to open up the silver case, while the tough Chinese goons tremble and hide in case the case explodes.

It turns out the case includes several bags of an extremely potent, LSD type drug called CPH4 (which is supposed to be like an atomic bomb going off inside your brain). The Chinese give a snort to a man who goes insane and is executed, before hiding the bag inside Lucy’s abdomen.

Lucy and a few other human mules (or drug carriers) are sent to Europe with the drugs inside of them to be retrieved by the bad guys in each country to eventually sell. Lucy gets waylaid, and one guy punches her in the stomach when she resists his desire to rape her. This releases the drugs, which starts the process of her purportedly being able to use more than 10% of her brain.

With her newfound intellect, Lucy escapes, contacts a professor played by Morgan Freeman who lectures on the evolution of the brain, and the movie shows percentages on the screen as Lucy’s brain increases from 10% to 20% to 30% and so forth.

Lucy informs a French police detective to capture the other human mules. Meanwhile the Chinese go on an all-out war to recover their goods. Lucy takes a moment to torture, but not kill Mr. Jang, then she goes to Europe where car chases ensue, and she finally meets the Professor. Lucy goes on a binge to take all the drugs so her brain can reach 100%.

[SPOILER ALERT] She then becomes the great “I AM” (the one true Creator God’s name for Himself). She travels to the past or follows her genetic memories to touch the first female, Lucy, imparting her knowledge to her.

Although you might not want to read the spoiler, this movie is so toxic that it might help you to not waste your time watching this movie. The good news is that Luc Besson seems to be looking for the meaning of life. What he finds is a gnostic, highly materialistic, evolutionary answer without God. The movie states that the only purpose of life is passing on knowledge. However, Lucy’s intelligence doesn’t help her become a better human being. Thus, at one point, she mentions to the professor that she’s losing her humanity; such as: her fear, love, feelings, and compassion. This is demonstrated when she tortures the mob boss and indiscriminately slaughters people, including a hospital patient in the operating room.

The direction of this story not only is depressing. It also seems like the ultimate LSD trip, except in this case, the hallucinogen mind expansion drug is a natural hormone that supposedly starts a baby’s thinking in the womb. Thus, the plot is a confused mixture of pseudoscience and Gnosticism.

If the ultimate goal is for us to become one with everything, then we can no longer individually experience love, joy, peace, and all the other cardinal virtues. What a sad, nihilistic vision of mankind’s future!

To make the movie even more absurd, Luc Besson uses all this documentary nature footage to illustrate what he’s clearly saying. He also inserts several lectures informing viewers didactically about his silly Gnostic beliefs.

LUCY the movie pushes a heavy-handed evolutionary agenda. It’s interesting that Scarlett Johansson gives one prayer to God before she goes on her “mind expansion” journey. The acting is serviceable. The music is irrelevant and adds nothing to the story.

The good news is that movie is action packed and very short. The bad news is that it’s going to give a lot of false beliefs to many susceptible individuals and contains a lot of graphic violence.

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