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What You Need To Know:

Director Kevin Smith's new movie MALLRATS, depicts slacker youth who live to breed and eat. These anti-heroes are T.S. and Brodie, young slackers in a mall in search of their former girlfriends. Through clever dialogue and extensive immorality, the movie shows T.S. and Brodie winning back their girlfriends.


(Ro, NA, LLL, VV, SS, NN, A, D, M) Romantic worldview where all sorts of immorality is practiced to achieve romantic love; minor occultic elements involving psychics & levitation; 139 obscenities, 14 vulgarities & 14 profanities; moderate violence including man crashing through walls (twice), shoving, punches in crotch, face & stomach, Easter Bunny assaulted, false arrest, & police brutality; heterosexual sodomy depicted, fornication implied & references to sex with a minor; rear male nudity, sexually suggestive comic book images & 2 instances of upper female nudity; alcohol use; drug overdose depicted & sales implied & smoking; stealing; and, gross scatological humor

More Detail:

Labeled a sequel to Kevin Smith’s low-budget, obscenity-filled CLERKS, MALLRATS jump from the video store to the shopping mall. Brodie has just been dumped by his girlfriend Rene because he would rather play video games than have sex. His friend T.S. has also been dumped by his friend Brandi. She says she has to fill in as a contestant on her father’s new television dating show which is to be shot that night at the mall. Thus the elements are in place for Brodie and T.S. to chase their paramours through the mall and to foil the dating show. Through clever dialogue and vile immorality, the movie shows T.S. and Brodie winning back their girlfriends.

When the characters go from one immorality to another, its done with a wink and a smile, encouraging young, hell-bent minds to do likewise. Francis Schaffer, famed 20th Century philosopher, has noted that bad art with a bad message seldom becomes influential. However, good art with a bad message can be very influential. To many teenagers and slackers, MALLRATS will be considered good art. Some may even applaud when good messages are peppered throughout, like the importance of marriage and the danger of isolating oneself to the world. However, neither the means, nor the end, no matter how clever, can redeem this picture from being called anything but slimy and stinky, much like a rat.