What You Need To Know:

NIGHT DIVINE is a dramatic look at some of the problems tearing apart marriages today. On Christmas Eve, Jason and Maddie, a married couple, are fighting. The root of the problem is Maddie's inability to conceive a child. The film has a surprise ending as it demonstrates a powerful message of hope and reconciliation.


(C, M) Christian worldview; and, child abandonment, anger & married couple argue

More Detail:

NIGHT DIVINE is a dramatic look at some of the problems tearing apart marriages today. This low budget production opens at a Christmas tree stand on Christmas Eve. The manager Jason is trying to keep his two assistants Myra and Gordo selling up to the last minute. Myra would rather spend the evening with Jason. As Jason is about to leave to buy some more rope, his wife, Maddie, shows up to invite him to Christmas dinner at her mother’s house the next day. Jason claims that this invitation is merely Maddie’s mother’s way of denying their separation. For the next few minutes, NIGHT DIVINE exposes this couple’s anger, hurt, love, and frustration. We come to understand that what is driving them apart is Maddie’s inability to have children. A reaffirmation of love and a surprising ending demonstrate the spirit of Christmas in the lives of this young couple.

NIGHT DIVINE has a lot going for it even though it is a low budget production. The director has done a superb job with his cast who were real and honest in their portrayal of the characters. The biggest flaw in this piece is the surprise ending which is not set up with as much care as the ending demanded. However, even though this is a low budget production, it is a successful witness to the power of love and reconciliation.