"The Classic Monster We All Know, with a Twist"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

SHIN GODZILLA opens with mysterious volcanic eruptions in Tokyo Bay. The authorities learn that a giant lizard is rampaging on its stomach through much of Tokyo, forcing large evacuations in Tokyo as well as other cities across Japan. The military tries to learn as much about the giant lizard it can. The lizard changes into a two-legged creature able to fire a hot beam of purple plasma out of its mouth and dorsal fins. Japan plans a complex strategy to hit the lizard at its weak points, while trying to protect the lives of its citizens.

SHIN GODZILLA is all you could expect from a modern monster movie, complete with laughably bad CGI and an absence of character development. Perhaps the most uplifting quality is the movie’s respect for the military that works hard to protect Japan’s civilians. At the same time, the citizens call the creature “God Incarnate,” a false religious notion that undermines the movie’s positive elements. SHIN GODZILLA has a very strong, mixed pagan worldview, with intense scenes of destruction and scary images. So, SHIN GODZILLA ultimately is unacceptable entertainment.


(PaPaPa, B, PP, AP, C, FRFR, EvEv, L, VV, M) Very strong mixed pagan worldview with strong pagan elements, some positive moral elements and some strong patriotic elements worldview that depicts the military and governing authorities as the ultimate protectors of civilization, but Americans are depicted in a comparatively negative light, and, although one man is seen giving a very brief silent prayer after he sees the destruction caused by the giant lizard, the name of the giant lizard soon becomes “Gojira” (Japanese for Godzilla), which means, “God Incarnate,” and the public in one scene even chants, “Godzilla is God!” to prove their point, plus it is said that the giant lizard “evolves” into different forms; four light obscenities and the Lord’s name is used in vain once; strong violence include water floods a freeway tunnel, multiple scenes of boats and cars piling up in a flood of water, giant lizard’s rampage tears up portions of the city, trains blast into the lizard like bullets, a bridge gets tossed into the water and falls on a mobile tank, a long sequence of bullets, missiles and bombs are fired onto the lizard, and the giant lizard has abilities to blow up planes and buildings with a dorsal fin-charged beam; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking or drug use; and, the lizard in its early stages looks rather unsettling with cartoonish bulging eyes.

More Detail:

There have been countless retellings of the familiar Godzilla monster story for decades. Recently, another one produced from its country of origin, Japan, has been released.

As the movie opens, a series of volcanic eruptions have been terrifying spectators in Tokyo Bay, following other unnatural events such as water flooding into an underground freeway. The Japanese CIA, along with the Coast Guard, environmentalists and biologists discuss what has caused these events.

They quickly find a publicly recorded video of a giant reptilian tail surfacing from the hotspot at Tokyo Bay, leading directly into a giant behemoth of a lizard rampaging on his stomach through much of Tokyo. The political bodies wonder if this is all one big joke, but three hours later, a large portion of the city is completely in ruins, forcing large evacuations both in Tokyo as well as other cities across Japan.

The military then plans their move in stopping this monster. They learn as much about it as they can through their available resources. The lizard has fed off of radioactive waste tossed into the bay, leading it into a series of evolutionary stages that allow it to grow arms and legs, as well as the ability to shoot a hot beam of purple plasma out of its mouth and out of its dorsal fins. To destroy the monster, Japanese officials, working with biologists and even America, plan a complex strategy to hit the lizard at its weak points, all while protecting the lives of civilians.

SHIN GODZILLA is essentially all that you would expect from a modern monster movie. Thus, the filmmakers put more focus into the poorly constructed CGI of the badly designed monster than they do to their movie’s character development or acting quality. It’s all well-laid out and backed up with scientifically accurate logic to add some well-needed authenticity into the franchise, but in the end, it’s the same basic thing moviegoers have always seen from GODZILLA movies for decades.

Perhaps the most uplifting quality about this movie, and the entire GODZILLA franchise in general, is its great respect for the military and governing forces. Unlike many mainstream films that depict the government as devious, corrupt and even oppressive, SHIN GODZILLA shows how the government does and should protect citizens from disaster. At the same time, however, the sort of disaster they’re suggested to protect us from is subliminally darker for the Christian viewer than what meets the eye.

Historically speaking, Godzilla has always stood as a metaphor for the rise of nuclear war, and what sort of hope that the people seek after in order to protect themselves from possible nuclear war or nuclear radiation from atomic bombs. Especially in the 1950s, which was when the first GODZILLA movie was made, science fiction has stood as a very common parallel to address those types of issues. It may sound harmless at first, but when considering what this movie says the name Gojira means (literally, “God Incarnate), it becomes clear what sort of inner need this fictional monster met for audiences. If for people, “God Incarnated” looks like a giant fire-breathing, cold-blooded reptile from the deep intent on destroying the city, then that merely proves how God was, and continues to be, looked upon as the one responsible for bombing threats and nuclear war.

Thus, SHIN GODZILLA has a very strong, mixed pagan worldview. It contains strong pagan content mixed with some moral and patriotic elements, false theology and references to evolution. The movie also contains intense sequences of destruction and some scary imagery. So, MOVIEGUIDE® ultimately finds SHIN GODZILLA unacceptable entertainment.