"Right Versus Might in World War II Spy Drama"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

Based on a novel, THE EXCEPTION is a tense war drama about a German captain asked to protect Kaiser Wilhelm II, who’s been exiled to Holland since World War I. Kaiser Wilhelm’s recklessness led the Germans to a bitter defeat in World War I, but he remains a great symbol of significance to Germany and Hitler’s Third Reich. The German captain falls for a maid in the Kaiser’s mansion who’s secretly a Jewess working for a priest in the Dutch Resistance. When the priest is captured and interrogated, the German captain must make a decision whether to save his Jewish lover.

The cinematography, sets, costumes, and performances in THE EXCEPTION place viewers right in the middle of the action. Christopher Plummer gives a great performance as Kaiser Wilhelm. However, the movie shifts the story’s focus to the love affair between the German officer and the female spy. This slows down the story a little bit. THE EXCEPTION has a light moral worldview, but it also contains some strong foul language and explicit sexual content and nudity that’s gratuitous and unacceptable.


(B, C, AC, Ro, Ab, LL,VV, SS, NNN, AA, D, MM) Light moral worldview set in World War II in Holland about doing what’s right instead of duty, a priest character is working for the Resistance against Hitler’s National Socialists as is a female Jewish maid working as a spy, mixed with Romantic elements of people from two different worlds (the Jewish girl and a German soldier fall in love, but soldier must make a choice), plus an anti-biblical line that God allows war and wants innocent people to die; about 12 obscenities (including several “f” words), two strong profanities and one light profanity; strong and light violence includes scene of a bloodied traitor and one soldier being shot, nightmare shows images of dead bodies, a borderline rape scene, gunfights, people hit with guns, one character beaten and bloodied, scenes of anger, references to National Socialist plans to exterminate Jews; two scenes of depicted fornication, one implied, passionate kissing on bed clothed and unclothed; full male nudity in one sex scene, images of upper and rear female nudity, upper male nudity, rear male nudity; alcohol use and drunkenness; frequent smoking but no drug use; and, strong miscellaneous immorality includes lying, deception, kidnapping, stealing, revenge, bad role models, dysfunctional family portrayed.

More Detail:

THE EXCEPTION is a spy drama set during World War II in Germany, where a German soldier is ordered to guard the exiled German Kaiser and finds himself embroiled in a spy drama with a beautiful Jewish maid. THE EXCEPTION is a taut spy thriller and the German soldier decides to do the right thing, but his romance with the Jewish woman is lewd and slows down the drama.

German Captain Stefan Brandt is asked to protect Kaiser Wilhelm II, played by Christopher Plummer, who’s been exiled to Holland since World War I. The former Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm, led the led the Germans to defeat in the Great War, but he remains a great symbolic significance to the German people and important to Hitler’s Third Reich.

Brandt travels to the Kaiser’s mansion in Holland to assume his duties as Kaiser Wilhelm’s bodyguard. However, when he moves into the Kaiser’s mansion, he quickly finds nothing is as it seems. Brandt begins a forbidden romantic relationship with a Jewish servant girl, Mieke (“Mee-ka”). What Brandt doesn’t know is that Mieke is secretly feeding information to a pastor in the Resistance. Brandt is also haunted by images of innocent victims of war which fuels his passion to protect the Kaiser with everything he has.

The pastor is caught and interrogated. This threatens the exposure of Mieke’s identity. When Heinrich Himmler visits, he informs the Kaiser that Hitler wants him to return to Berlin. However, Himmler tells the local Gestapo head and Brandt this is just a ploy to kill those who still support the Kaiser. Brandt decides to help Mieke and the Kaiser.

THE EXCEPTION is a taut spy drama with some fine performances. The costumes and props accentuate the film brilliantly. The story is told in true Hollywood fashion, choosing good-looking actors with rippling biceps and thin bodies. However, the story is a little slow, especially when it focuses on the torrid romance between Brandt and Mieke.

THE EXCEPTION is a war drama, but there is a relatively low level of violence. The movie is pretty much absent of disturbing images except for images of a pile of dead bodies lying in a ditch and an image of the priest with his face bloodied to a pulp after his first round of interrogation. The excessive, unacceptable content are the gratuitous bedroom scenes and explicit nudity.