"A Hijacked Plane Is the Least of Their Worries"

What You Need To Know:

THE MARK is about Craig, a security officer in charge of protecting a super computer chip. Everything is thrown upside down when the security is compromised. In a moment of crisis, a scientist injects the computer chip into Craig’s body. With the chip in Craig’s body, the company behind the chip must get him safely to the G20 summit, where they will sell the chip and change the world. Everything changes when the plane Craig is traveling on is hijacked by foreign mercenaries looking for the chip. Craig must fight off the bad guys while overcoming his own skepticism of God. Will he be able to save himself and the other passengers?

THE MARK is a highly entertaining action thriller. The story is over dramatic at times, but the action and suspense keeps it interesting. It has a very positive Christian worldview with themes of forgiveness and redemption. Jesus Christ is extolled and the Gospel is presented in conversion scene with prayer. There is some action violence that requires a light caution. Otherwise, THE MARK is a very wholesome, redemptive action movie.


(CCC, BBB, V) Very strong Christian, moral worldview with strong elements of forgiveness and redemption, conversion, and prayer scenes extol Jesus and present the Gospel; no foul Language; light action violence with gun fights and hand to hand combat, with light blood; and, nothing else objectionable.

More Detail:

THE MARK starts off in dark rainy Bangkok, Thailand. A scientist is preparing to surgically implant a super secret computer chip that will change both technology and politics. Different governments really want the computer chip. Right before the chip is ready to be implanted into a human subject, the compound is attacked. Craig, the security officer in charge of protecting the chip, tries to fight off the assailants, but there are too many. The doctor is shot, but in a desperate act to save the chip, he quickly implants it in Craig. Everything goes black for Craig.

Craig wakes in a hospital, where he’s greeted by Cooper, a man who works for the company that created the chip. His job is to deliver Craig and the computer chip that’s inside of him to the G20 summit. Since nobody knows the chip is inside Craig, they decide the best way to transfer it is to hide him in plain sight. Little do they know is that once the plane takes off, their whole world will change.

The flight seems to be going well, but everything changes when the plane is taken hostage by a group of foreign mercenaries looking for the chip. The mercenaries search the plane for the chip but can’t seem to find it. Craig hides below the deck to avoid getting caught. The bad guys quickly figure out something is wrong when one of their guys goes missing (someone below deck that Craig fought). In an attempt to smoke out Craig, the bad guys start shooting people and they declare that they will continue shooting until Craig gives himself up. Craig relents and is captured.

Will Craig be able to defeat the mercenaries and bring the passengers to safety? Or is this all a part of some bigger plan of a one-world government and possibly the end of the world?

THE MARK is an action packed thriller. The characters are poorly developed, but the production design is very good, giving it a realistic feel that makes it quite suspenseful. It has a strong Christian worldview about forgiveness, redemption and following God’s plan for our life. There are scenes of both prayer and conversion. There is some action violence with shooting and some blood, so a light caution is recommended.

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